What my shitty year taught me about letting go (and allowing love)

“Jess, I had no idea how rough life has been for you lately…”

This has been the general statement from soul sisters that I’ve been reconnecting with after moving from Las Vegas to Santa Cruz, CA.

And they are right…while my life is filled with SO much love – from deepening relationships with my family, to the gorgeous secret garden-esque 10 acre property I live on, to new instal-soul-sisters in The Bay area, to even reconnecting with a few ex-boyfriends to heal some lingering wounds – even with all this love, life has been tough.

The flood that completely destroyed my condo and left me and my two dogs without our home for 3 months.

Trusting the sign that God said “get the F out of Vegas” and following the path to Santa Cruz.

Letting my dogs go. They told me it was time. But still…I have moments where I long to cuddle them. To smell their fur. To look into their unconditionally loving eyes.

Mourning what feels like the life I built there. 10 years in Vegas. Missing the sisters in my 4-year women’s group. The feminine strength of the women who caught me when I fell. I miss that comfort.

Then there’s the death of my best friend. Witnessing her last breath. Watching love become her, and death transform her. Wishing I could open my phone and text her: “Hey boo.” Because that’s what we used to do.

Okay, it’s been hell. Truly. And I’ve been hiding the pain. Continue reading

The biggest mistake heartbroken women make

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making when they are heartbroken is claiming that they want a relationship, however, don’t want it now, so they take no action to cultivate love in their lives.

This would be like Beyonce saying that she wanted to be a singer, but never singing until she got on stage.

You don’t have to want a relationship NOW…or even in 2017. In fact, I’m 100% on board with trusting your deepest longings to cultivate self love and take care of you, without a relationship, if that’s what you want. I’ve been doing that same thing for the past 17 months (with a few playful, soul-growth experiences with a man in between).

However, during this time, I haven’t actually said that I don’t want a relationship. Because frankly, that’s not true. And the beautiful thing about love and relationships is that you never know when the perfect romantic partner will waltz into the room and take your breath away. It’s happened to me before (after doing the Forgiveness Ritual) and it will happen again. I’m certain it will happen for you too.

Make 2017 your year for LOVE.

The important thing is Continue reading

New Year’s Forgiveness Ritual to Transform Heartbreak and Let Love In

Are you ready for a bigger, more meaningful love this New Year?

The ending of a year and beginning of a new one stirs up so many emotions, and when you are heartbroken, you are probably ready to jump into the new year ahead, and say sayonara to the old, leaving behind the pain, tears and heartache.

But there is something that is extremely important to do, before moving on and jumping ahead, so that you can truly leave behind your heartbreak and let new love in the coming year:

Forgiving yourself and previous partners.

Beginning a New Year and desiring it to be filled with love without forgiving yourself and your partners for heartache in the past year is like asking a flower to grow in toxic soil. It simply won’t happen.  

And girl-oh-girl do I have a powerful New Year’s Eve Forgiveness Ritual to share with you today! (see below)

But first…the backstory of how I discovered this powerful ritual in my own life… Continue reading