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Are you the Playful Child? Radiant Rebel? Or Sexy Feminine?

Hey there beautiful! I’m Jess Tomlinson, and I created these quizzes because I know you are perfect exactly as you are, and yet there may be layers of who you really are that are hiding, preventing you from having the life you deeply desire - whether that is in business or relationships. 

The Archetypes - Playful Child, Radiant Rebel & Sexy Feminine - live inside each of us.  It's time to discover YOUR Archetype!

I don’t want you to stay in hiding like I did for so long, not making the money you want as a Radiantpreneur or having the Big Meaningful Love you deserve.

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Chani embraced her Radiant Rebel Archetype in business...

It feels incredible to have all my online presence aligned and cohesive.

Before I worked with Jess, I was feeling incredibly intimidated about being visible online. I felt that I would be bothering people who were friends of mine on Facebook and that I had no idea how to communicate what I wanted to say in an authentic way online. The idea of doing a FB Live was physically painful! I was overwhelmed with how to make my online presence feel cohesive and impactful.

Since working with Jess, I feel way more confident about marketing and visibility online! I have no problem with doing a FB Live anymore. It doesn’t even scare me! I was able to launch my new FB group and get nearly limitless ideas from Jess on how to engage the people in my group in a way that felt right to me. Working with her initiated a brand name change that synced across all my online platforms. It feels incredible to have all my online presence aligned and cohesive. Her support was invaluable and very practical in getting me past my marketing/visibility blocks and just going for it! I can’t recommend Jess enough for showing you how to market online in a way that feels truly authentic to you, so that you stop blocking yourself from clients and success.

~ Chani Jacobson
Bold Brilliant Love Coach, ChaniJacobson.com

Kayla embraced her Playful Child Archetype in relationships...

Opening up to so much LOVE is quite the experience!!

I decided to focus on one piece of information you shared and see what happens….we [me and a guy I’d been noticing on Facebook] met up and had an OUTSTANDING time talking, dancing, sharing and hugging. That night he insisted that we schedule another date. This was 2 weeks ago and since then we've gone on 6 Play Dates! He calls and texts me everyday, communicates so openly and clearly, and showers me with the Love Languages that I speak best! And on Saturday I worked a double and, halfway through my shifts, he brought me a homemade dinner and massaged my feet!

Opening up to so much LOVE is quite the experience!! I was single for 3 years. During that time I haven't been on any "dates", nor have I had interest in the types of men I was attracting. This one simple change in perspective was the catalyst that helped me open up and discover a deeper connection with a friend I already love. I don't know what the future holds for this new relationship, however I feel confident in the reminder that it IS possible to achieve.

~ Kayla

It's fun to compare archetypes with friends! Thanks for sharing 🙂