After working with Jessica, I have come so far.  I started my first group program with six amazing women and I increased my visibility by 300%!

I have Jessica to thank for her continuous encouragement and patience with my very slow process. She always saw the power in me when I couldn't and reminded me of who I'm here to be and the message I have to share with women. She helped me push my edges in a way that stretched me but never pushed me too far—in a way that was empowering.

~ Shannon Rey, Career Empowerment Coach, Shannon-Rey.com

I had the best month financially EVER!
My income was 4 times my best month last year!

Her helpful follow-up emails and holding me accountable for actions in a very loving way really made the difference for me. Thank you Jess!

~ Jennifer Mason L.Ac, Owner of Vitamin Chi Acupuncture and Wellness, vitamin-chi.com