10 Questions that you should ask yourself to experience Legit Love on Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.

The evolution of Valentine’s Day feelings

When I was young, it was crossing my fingers that 99% of my class would bring the Valentine’s Day cards with candy.  Oh yeah, I was a sugar fiend as a little one.

When I was a teenager, it was more fuel to write my little heart out, one dramatic heartbreaking poem at a time.  Exploring the woes of love, and staining my pillow with crocodile tears from the confusion of it all.

As a grown adult (is that what I am?!), it’s the pressure to condense all of the feelings of my wondrous heart and this mystical, magical, amazing thing we call Love, into one day.  Hello Universe!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE! 

When love transforms to something greater than yourself

But today, I am completely in love, with Love on Valentine’s Day.

And really, I always have been, ever since I got my 10 year old hands on a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul, one of the relationship/love versions.

Today is different though.  Today is the day I am launching my website, JessTomlinson.com…and it’s ALL about a particular kind of love.  The only love that I believe there really is.  I call this love: Legit Love.

This is big. This is scary.  I’m putting my heart out there for the World.  Cracked wide open. So many feelings and stories to share.  Yet the vulnerability feels so right. So pure. I’m stirring up a Legit Love Revolution!

While I could go into a bazillion topics that are relevant to my definition of Legit Love, for now, on this Valentine’s Day 2014, let’s keep it simple.

Self Love & World Love = Legit Love

Self love + World Love = Legit Love

So today, I’m looking at you.  Deeply in the eyes.  I’m asking you a few questions this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Do you really, really, Legit Love yourself?
  2. Are you letting your wings expand in the world? Or, are you keeping them closed for fear of forgetting how to fly?
  3. Each and every moment of every single day, are you doing what YOU really, really want?
  4. Are you a chameleon? Adapting to the expectations of others?
  5. How much of your heart are you sharing with the World? Even when it hurts.
  6. Are you truly connecting with those you love? Or are you fumbling with your phone as they talk?
  7. Can you just BE with yourself? In meditation. In nature. In silence.
  8. When you look at your calendar, how do you feel? Are you scheduling Me Time for yourself, just as you’d schedule an appointment?
  9. Are you reveling in the little things that delight you? Or, are you holding back because they seem frivolous?
  10. Can you love ALL parts of you…even the dark, deep, icky stuff?

Whew!  Deep questions, right?

My intention isn’t to make you depressed about love…it’s to start a revolution, a Legit Love Revolution.  But to get there, we’ve got to ask the questions. We’ve got to go through the poo, the grime, the ugly.  Because that’s where you find the beauty.

Which one of these 10 questions resonated the most with YOU?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

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