12 Days of Legit Transformation – Day 11: How to connect when you feel lonely

One of my favorite things to do is visit other countries.

I love to submerge myself in the culture.
Experience the local food.
Get lost in a sea of language that I don’t understand.

These travel experiences bring me back to connection, to knowing that it doesn’t matter what religion we practice, race we represent or language we speak. All that matters is that we are humans doing this thing called life together.

But it can get lonely because there are so many of us.

Getting lost in the knowingness that we’re all connected can sometimes lead to feeling lost in general.

As someone who loves her alone time, I bounce back and forth between feeling connected and feeling lonely.

I go through spurts where all I want to do is snuggle my dogs, Chi-Baby and Zeus, lay on the couch drinking jasmine green tea and watching Downton Abbey. Then, for just as lengthy of a time, I find myself craving physical connection with people.

Must. Get. To. A. Public. Place.

The important thing to remember in either of these situations is that we’re not alone. Never.

We’re surrounded by our butterfly sisters and brothers and even when we can’t see them, they are flying high above, resting near the bush around the corner or making their way from a caterpillar to a butterfly in this beautiful transformational process we are all experiencing constantly.

We’re not alone.

The Butterfly Posse is large enough to blow all of our human variety out of the water. They sit 24,000 strong in the number of types, colors, shapes, sizes, preference of flowers to eat, lifespan and more. I know, wow, right?

Such a wonderful reminder that we – us humans – are the same. All beautiful. All different. Yet each of us can open our wings and fly to connect with each other, crossing the borderlines of differences at any time we like.

We are not alone.

And YOU, my friend, in the mass of butterfly types, are SO uniquely special you have no idea.

Here’s Day 11’s quote & butterfly fact for the 12 Days of Legit Transformation…

12 days of transformation_day 11

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