12 Days of Legit Transformation – Day 12: Finding the Monarch Butterfly inside of you

The final day of the 12 Days of Legit Transformation has arrived!

Wow, time flies 😉 (pun, TOTALLY intended).

Over these past dozen days, we discussed the beauty and mystery of the butterfly and how this mystery can teach us so much about our own lives.

From the caterpillar’s innate ability to nourish itself without question, use its built-in silk producers that allow it to safely, yet still bravely, begin the process of transformation, to its amazing capability to breathe without lungs and see in ultra-violet color, plus so much more.

We’ve learned a lot about these fascinating insects. And that’s the funny thing, it feels sub par to call them “insects” – I prefer transformational teachers.

For me, that’s what the caterpillar/butterfly has been. A great teacher of nourishment, letting go, surrendering, persisting, patience, strength, creativity and freedom.

Today, we end our 12 day journey with what scientists consider the most fascinating butterfly of them all (and remember yesterday’s fact: there are over 24,000 species of butterflies!).

The Monarch.

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Here is a look back at our 12 Days of Legit Transformation –

>>all of the quotes & facts for you to download, print & put up on your fridge or desk for inspiration, is here.

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The Monarch is a butterfly that I now understand why, has earned her title.

Each year, Monarch butterflies migrate over 2,000 miles, from the northeastern U.S. and Canada, to the mountains just outside of Mexico City.

This may sound like no big deal to you, so let me paint the picture.

Most Monarchs only live 3-4 weeks. The generation of Monarchs that migrate each year can live up to 9 months!

But not just any Monarch makes this journey or lives this long. Only 4th generation Monarchs, for whatever reason that scientists can’t figure out, venture out on this 2,000 mile journey to all gather together in the Oyamel fir tree forests on the eastern perimeter of Michoacán.

They travel up to 50 miles each day – 50 miles! And it isn’t an easy feat. They must survive storms, birds who eat them, cars that kill them as they hit the windshield and even utter exhaustion.

There are so many things I love about the mystery of the Monarch, aside from the phenomenal miracle that they are:

-They migrate for no “apparent” reason

-Even if they are set off path, purposely by scientists, they somehow have an internal guide that puts them back on course South to Mexico

-They travel in groups of up to 20 million

-They arrive in the Oyamel forests with their butterfly brothers and sisters, hundreds of millions –sometimes billion – strong

While scientists are scratching their head, in my heart I know the reason they migrate.

It isn’t for no good reason.

They migrate for Community.
For the pure joy of being together.
For gathering on the trees, creating a beautiful sea of orange and black art.
For the warmth that each one provides each other, as they rest, hibernating peacefully in Mexico through the winter.

For the past two Decembers, I’ve co-hosted and produced a TEDxWomen event here in Las Vegas called TEDxFremontEastWomen. This last year I was inspired to share my story of how the caterpillar/butterfly has changed my life. And in it, I mentioned the most fascinating fact about the Monarch:

No matter what, no matter if you attempt to throw them off their destined path, they will make the journey to come together in Community. They know this is what they were put on the planet to do.

((you can watch me share my story in this 2013 TEDxFremontEastWomen video clip))

And isn’t is amazing? Look what happens when that 4th generation Monarch has an internal purpose. When it trusts. When it knows it was put here to overcome.

It goes from living 3-4 weeks, to living up to 9 months.


How can we learn from the glorious lessons of the Monarch?

Perhaps we can open ourselves up to possibility.
Grab the hand of the stranger next to us and say, “we’re in this together,” even if it feels scary.
We can trust.
Trust that in our lives, someone has our back.
Many people have our back.

All we have to do is open our wings, join the flight of 20 million and flap our wings towards the safe place of community where we can rest in the warmth of each others wings.

*Learn more about the Monarch migration in this PBS special, “The Incredible Journey of the Butterfly

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How the Butterfly Changed My Life

As you’ve read in this blog, the butterfly has so much to teach us.

I’ve developed lessons and tools from my own experience raising caterpillars into butterflies, and used those tools to transform my own life.  In only a few months, I was able to:

  • get rid of my stomach pains and headaches
  • rapidly change my emotional state from stressed out to peacefully
  • stop worrying about what other people think and live a life of freedom
  • receive more love in my life – romantic, friendships & love for myself
  • improve my health, skin & get rid of allergies

If you are experiencing any pain, whether emotional or physical, or stress in your life that you just can’t seems to shake, it would be an honor to support you in your journey.

Dozens of women have already gone through my 6-week program where you get to grow your own live caterpillars into butterflies!  The results have be PHENOMENALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL!

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How You Can Be Guided to Complete, Life-Changing Transformation

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