12 Days of Legit Transformation – Day 2: How to nourish yourself for transformation

In 2013, when my special caterpillar friend showed up on a bouquet of flowers in my home, there were many things that amazed me.

But one thing – the first thing I noticed – left me with my mouth gaping open as I stared in amazement.

My tiny, bright green caterpillar noshed on her lavender daisy mums like it was the best thing since dark chocolate covered honeycomb. (#LegitLove of mine!)

For such a tiny creature, she could really put it away.

Here’s the thing though….

I realized it wasn’t the fact that my new transformational friend could pound down some petals that really amazed me.

It was the truth I felt as I watched her. 

She knew she was destined for great things.
She trusted.
She devoted her time – literally, nearly all of it – to nourishing her transformational vessel.

She didn’t question if getting plump was going to ruin her reputation.
She just knew it was what she was supposed to do to begin her journey of Legit Transformation.

This realization inspired today’s 12 Days of Legit Transformation quote & caterpillar fact…

12 Days of Legit Transformation - Day 2: 12-days-of-legit-transformation-day-2-how-to-nourish-yourself-for-transformation

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