12 Days of Legit Transformation – Day 3: How to support yourself with self love

Before 2010 I had no clue what support looked like.


I don’t think these two words were even in my vocabulary.

Then, my perfect storm hit. A major surgery, devastating break-up with my boyfriend of two and a half years after he decided to send an email instead of himself on the plane to my parent’s house for Christmas, quit my job, started a new job, moved, then met someone new.

All of this happened between Thanksgiving of 2009 and January 2010. Barely 2 months!

I had no choice but to begin taking care of myself. Exploring the possibility that maybe I could give myself everything I needed…and more.

Sometimes the Universe just has to smack ya upside the head so you’ll listen-up.

You could say the Universe hit me with two hands of massive healing because the four years that have followed my perfect storm have been a mind blowing transformational journey.

The caterpillar teaches us something very important about building a solid foundation for ourselves to fall back on during those times when the Universe decides to throw us a perfect storm.

And it will. Over and over again. There is no “if.” Only when.

But when we follow nature, her miraculous path shown so beautifully by the caterpillar, we can trust that as we plummet down from the madness, we’ll have a soft cushion of self-care to catch us.

Here’s the transformation quote & caterpillar fact for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Legit Transformation:

12 Days of Transformation - Day 3 http://JessTomlinson.com/12-days-of-legit-transformation-day-3

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What was your perfect storm? How did you support yourself with self-love during that time?

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