19 Legit Life Lessons from Peru

I have been home for a week and one day, after taking a journey of a lifetime: 9 days in Peru. 3 days of travel. Endless sacred lessons.

It would be a disservice for me to not share the wisdom of Peru with the World. So, here I am, sharing with you, the Legit Love Revolution Community.

As I write this I’m still processing everything that happened in Peru. There is so much to write so over the next few months you’ll be hearing more in-depth from me about this magical land and the gifts she has given me to take forward. For ALL of us to take forward on our journeys of transformation. 

Jess at Machu Picchu

In fact, the lessons of Peru have been so strong that this morning, they woke me up at 4 a.m. While I am one of those annoyingly perky morning people, being jolted awake before 6 a.m. isn’t something typical for me. I’m a solid sleeper. And even if I do wake up, I’ve got no problem hitting the sack again quickly. But not this morning. Not with the experience from Peru still lingering in my veins. Calling me to write this wisdom down. To get it out of my mind and further into my heart.

It’s tough to sum it all up. Almost like asking me to sum up what Love means to me. You can’t describe the feeling, really. Just like you can’t capture a butterfly and witness its true magic…until, you set it free and just experience its very being.

So that’s what I will attempt to do for you, Love. Share my experience. Describe what I felt, saw, tasted, heard. All with the knowingness that you will derive your own meaning. And that meaning – what you get from me sharing – is part of the magic.

Legit Life Lessons from Peru:

1. Slow down or barf
2. It’s hard to look at your own shit, literally
3. Just be a human BEING
4. Let it all hang out
5. Move – even if it’s “ugly”
6. Give it all to Pachamama
7. Enjoy the sweet taste of life
8. Take baby steps even if the person behind you is in a rush
9. View your life from the Condor’s perspective
10. Go into the dark to see the light
11. Your greatest fear is your greatest gift
12. If there’s nothing else you do for the rest of your life, just smile
13. When it rains, it pours…then, the sun shines brighter
14. Indulge beyond indulgence
15. Trust you will be found
16. Expose your yolk
17. Speak up, even if you’re not heard
18. Be grateful for the delay
19. Love the World no matter where you are

There you have it. Nineteen life-changing lessons in just 9 days. Looking forward to sharing these Legit Lessons with you over the next couple of months. So grateful you are part of the Legit Love Revolution Community.

If just reading these 19 lessons resonates with you deeply- before even knowing what they are really about- they will probably resonate with people in your life. We can only bring more Legit Love into the World if we share it.

Which of these 19 lessons did you resonate most with? Why?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Adoring you,

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