3 Minutes to Abundance


It’s such a BIG word, right? And it can mean so many different things.


Which area of your life would you like more abundance?

how to open up to abundance and attract wealth

I got the privilege of sharing my abundance journey at The Sunday Reset, an awesome community event in downtown Las Vegas that merges the areas of mind, body and soul.

During this fun talk/mini-workshop I shared:

  • How I was able to move through blocks to open up to abundance,
  • Get clear on the area of my life that I wanted to expand in abundance
  • And go after this abundance with passionate gusto, ultimately receiving the abundance I desired!

I’ve put together a short compilation of the best clips from my talk…in 3 minutes, you will be guided on a fun workshop to open up your own abundance. Yay! I hope you enjoy…

Watch the video below: 3 Minutes to Abundance ~  Fun Workshop from The Sunday Reset

What did you think? I hope this mini-workshop was helpful for you in opening up to receive more abundance in your own life!


Now…it’s YOUR turn…

What area of your life would you like to receive more abundance in?

Claim it by sharing in the comments below! The more you claim it, the more likely you are to receive it! 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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