3 Radiant Self Care Secrets Training is HERE!


Here we are 🙂 The first video in my 3 part training series, 3 Radiant Self Care Secrets to Look and Feel Like You’re in Bali!

First off, I hope you accept this invitation to stick with me over the next 3 days.  Fingers crossed! If you do, I’m super excited for you to take the plunge and dive into the training so you can begin feeling massively less stressed, wildly expressed, and start gently laying the foundation for your own self care today.

Today’s secret is a BIG one.  So big that I actually tell all of my coaching clients if they don’t have this down pat, Radiant Self Care can be pretty worthless.

What is it?

Watch the training video now!

Radiant Self Care Secrets training video - click "Display Images" to see my perty face ;)

Watch the video to:

  • learn more about how releasing toxic thoughts and emotions, including judgment of yourself (we’re so hard on ourselves as women) can provide you with the space in your life to feel better, be more energized and bring magic and joy into your life!
  • find out what happens in our life when we stuff everything down and don’t acknowledge our feelings about that crappy fight we just had with our bestie, the argument with our sweetie or the awkward encounter at work. (Hint – it ain’t pretty)

Today’s Transformation Tip:

“Word Vomit.”

Yep, you’re gonna have to watch the video to see what I mean by that and learn the powerful, instant effect it had on the women at my last event! (and it only takes 30 seconds!)

See ya manana for Radiant Self Care Secret training video #2! 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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