3 Steps to Deal With Your Crazy Confusing Emotions

As women, physically we have a lot of hormones coursing through our bodies on a daily basis.

Emotionally, this can create a range of chaos –

random bursts of sassy snapping,
sudden bouts of bitch face and my favorite…
explosive cry fests.

I once read (in one of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books) that us ladies basically wake up each and every day a different person.

Helloooo multiple personalities!

So, what’s a gal to do when we’re busy, burned-out and yearning to just understand all these weird emotions so we can deal with them and move on with our Radiant Self Care?

I recently experienced some strange emotions during one of my Bliss Baths that I didn’t understand.
I picked up the bottle of shampoo.
Then felt a wave of emotion rise in my chest, twinge in my heart and linger in my soul.
I knew something wanted to come out.
So I put down my shampoo bottle and let it come.
All of it.

The process I used to understand my emotions was really powerful so I’m sharing it with you…Follow these tips below to help you deal when you don’t understand your emotions…

3 Steps to Deal with Crazy Confusing Emotions

3 Steps to Deal When You Don’t Understand Your Emotions:

  1. Say “hello” to your emotion. Many times, we aren’t even aware of our emotions. We might recognize that something is “different” in the moment, but we forget to give emotions credit.  They are powerful things that can cause us to act in crazy ways. And they want attention. If we don’t recognize our emotions, they can take over our entire conversation, moment, day and heck…sometimes year!  But when we become aware of our emotions, and say hello to them when they show up, we acknowledge that it’s the emotion running the show, and from there, we can kick the emotion to the curb and take over the driver seat again.
  2. Ask the emotion who they are. Yep, I just suggested that you talk to your emotion and see what it will share with you about “who” it is – by “who” I mean what emotion is coming to the surface? When we are confused by what our emotions mean, many times it’s actually confusion on what the emotion is. Giving it a name such as angry, frustrated, furious, stressed, fuddy duddy, sad, serious, etc. helps to make your emotion a thing, which helps to separate it from your identity quickly so you can move on with more important things (like being in your Radiance!).
  3. Ask the emotion what it wants. Now that you’ve acknowledged your emotion by saying “hello” and identified what emotion it is, it’s time to see if there is anything your emotion needs.  This one is important so listen up: If we are confused by our emotions and we don’t know why we are feeling what we are feeling…it’s usually a sign that there is something we need that we aren’t giving ourselves.  It’s like a child not getting what they want.  What do they do? Throw a tantrum.  If you aren’t giving yourself what you need, your emotion becomes that child and throws a tantrum in the form of an outburst, a regrettable sentence or some pouty behavior.

    Literally address the emotion by the name it gave you – for example “anger.”
    Say: “Anger, is there anything you need right now that would help make you feel better?”
    Then listen for the answer.  You might be surprised by what you hear.

    It might say “a bubble bath” or “a conversation with that one person who is on your nerves” or “a kickbox session at the gym” or…it might say nothing at all. Whatever it suggests, take it into consideration and do it. Life is so much better when anger decides to leave 🙂 And if it gives you no answer, tell your emotion goodbye and move on.  Sometimes a child just needs to have a tantrum, be acknowledged and be done with it.

I hope my 3 steps help you when you feel a strange emotion coming on that you don’t know what to do with! Ah, being a woman 🙂 If you’d like to continue this conversation about how to tap into your inner woman wisdom to understand your body better, join me for THIS WEBINAR, happening Saturday, Dec. 13! Save your seat HERE > http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/12328/88ae863012

Have you ever had an experience where you didn’t understand your emotions? What did you do?

I’d love to hear your answer in the comment box below!  Just login to your Facebook account.  Easy-peasy.  Thank you! :)

In Legit Love,

Jess Tomlinson
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