3 Things That Might Be Holding You Back From Bliss

Dictionary.com defines Bliss as:

Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment

These definitions feel stale to me because Bliss feels like one of those words that is so hard to describe.

Kinda like your wedding day.
Or the birth of a child.
Or love.

So I ask you, what does Bliss mean to you?

Moments of Bliss

Some of my moments of Bliss are…

Standing on the top of Machu Picchu and feeling the wisdom of the Earth, then realizing my heart-beat is in sync with all of creation.

Closing my eyes in Bali and feeling the vibration of the waves, resonating with my own personal power, as the mile-long stretch of ocean crashes synchronistically across the shore.

Sitting across from one of my sweet sisters and reflecting to her the genius I see radiating from the essence of who she is, and then her doing the same for me.

Witnessing my spirit leave my body as I’m embraced by my romantic partner, as if I’m being kissed by God.

The moment of sweet warmth and cinnamony richness that fills my mouth at the first sip of my morning almond milk latte.

It’s these moments that, for me, far exceed supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment.

There’s just no defining them…they are purely Bliss.

What are your moments?


Bliss Blocks

If you’re struggling to define your own moments of Bliss, it’s not surprising.

What I’ve noticed is that sometimes, it’s really hard to experience moments of Bliss. Our society has been conditioned to be non-feelers.  To enjoy the moment, but not too much, because you wouldn’t want to be disappointed the next time a moment like this isn’t as wonderful.  We value moving on, and continuously looking for what’s next over a moment of stillness.

We get so consumed with busy-ness and our crazy to-do list that there are rarely moments left to experience Bliss.

Our belief that to feel is a waste of time leaves us consistently moving forward numbly and incapable to feel the very feeling that we’re chasing after.

3 things holding you back from bliss

Here are 3 things that might be holding you back from experiencing Bliss:

1. Disconnection from your body.

How often do you notice the pattern of your breath, moving in and out? Or the feeling of the breeze against your skin? Not often, right?! We’ve been gifted with these amazing bodies that can feel, smell, taste, see and hear…without us doing ANYTHING! Is so amazing. Yet, because our bodies do this on their own, we forget to actually pay attention when our senses are lit up. Disconnect from your body, and you’ll miss out on Bliss.

2. In a rush.

Hey there Energizer Bunny…got a sec? Nope, no time to waste. Sound familiar? How often do we actually press pause during our day? With no time to experience Bliss, we are simply passing it by, filing our days with to-dos, appointments and often-times meaningless busy-work. If your calendar is always full and “I’m soooooo busy” is a comment phrase that falls out of your mouth, you’re missing out on opportunities to experience Bliss.

3. Believing “this is good as it gets.”

Here’s a biggie. Sometimes we can trick ourselves out of Bliss. We may not actually believe that it’s possible to feel THAT good.  Or we might be waiting for the other shoe to drop and sweep away our current state of Bliss, therefore, throwing dirt in Bliss’ face. Either way, you won’t be able to fully experience Bliss without opening up to the possibility that you CAN feel heaps and heaps of ecstatic, majestic, soul-shaking Bliss in your life. Believe it and you will receive it.  Guaranteed.

Now it’s your turn to chime in…

Which of these is the most common block to bliss in your own life?
Or is there another block that gets in the way?

Thank you for sharing in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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