3 Tips to Decline a Holiday Party without Being a Grinch

With the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer, it’s highly likely that you are receiving several invitations to attend parties – white elephant, ugly sweater, cookie exchange – you name it, it’s on your list.

Whether you are overwhelmed with awesome invites from your festive-lovin’ friends, or you just don’t want to attend these parties, either way…I know how hard it can be to decline the invitation. Especially because it’s the holidays and we’re filled with expectations to be “merry.”

Attending parties because we feel we “should” or we’re afraid of hurting the person who invited us, is a completely natural way to feel.  But it isn’t a strategy that allows you to practice Radiant Self Care.

That’s why I’ve got the tips to keep you sparkling and merry and declining those par-tays that you are dreading – even the ones you want to go to (but know it will push your already busy schedule over the top). These tips will help you actually enjoy the parties that are on your warm, fuzzy Radiant Festive Fun “nice list” (ooo that sounds like a fab party!!)….without feeling like Santa’s Big Bad B. Here we go…

how to decline a holiday party

3 Tips to Decline a Holiday Party without Feeling Like the Grinch:

  1. Set a party-limit rule. Mine is no more than one party per night….even if I want to attend multiple. Whoever invited me first gets my RSVP (kudos to the planners!) This may not be your rule, but for me, it helps me actually enjoy the party that I’m at.  I can be present, versus checking my cell phone for the time, antsy about when I need to move on to the next White Elephant whirlwind.
  2. Tell the truth. People can smell when others are lying. It’s not cute.  Part of practicing Radiant Self Care is sharing what is authentic, and that excludes lies…even little ones. So, share the reason you aren’t attending.  Are you overwhelmed? Already have plans? Need to take some Me Time? The more you speak your truth, the stronger you will stand in your power of what you want.
  3. Use one of these oh-so-delightful template phrases for your decline:

If you really dig the person: Hey (name of party planner who invited you), thanks so much for the invite.  I’ve already got something planned that night, but I’d love to meet up with you after the New Year.

If you have no idea why you were invited: Hey (name of party planner who invited you), thanks for the invite.  I’m not going to make it but have a lot of fun!

If it’s a really close friend: Hey (name of party planner who invited you), I’m not going to make it to your holiday party this year…you know I adore you, I just (insert truthful reason here).  Thanks for understanding! I can’t wait to spend time with you after the New Year.

Yay! Now that you have these 3 handy tools, take them out into that Winter Wonderland of yours and start practicing some Radiant Self Care this holiday by declining a few (or maybe a TON!) of parties.

Give yourself space to breathe! You deserve to enjoy the merriment too, for goodness sakes 🙂

I’m excited to hear how these tips work for you…let me know!

How do you deal with Holiday Party Madness?

I’d love to hear your share in the comment box below!

To Your Radiance,

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