3 Tips to Overcome Overwhelm

Do you ever do this?

You write a really clear “to-do” list.
You have every intention of finishing those tasks on your list that seem so easy.
You’re sure you can get them all done today.

I mean, they are so simple you will totally finish them AND will even have time for more!


The phone rings.

Your email keeps filling up and you’re responding frantically because you just can’t bear to see the number in your inbox rise to over 300….again.

Oh, and Instagram keeps whispering your name to come on over, come on babbbbby (Christina Aguilera, anyone?)

That “to-do” list of yours?
You already know what I’m about to say…

It didn’t even get touched.
You are totally overwhelmed!

I can SO relate to this.

With all the demands on our time, instant gratification-sparking technology and overwhelming list of “to-dos” it is no surprise that we’re all bouncing our heads back and forth chanting “squirrel, squirrel, squirrel.”

We get sucked out of Bliss and pulled into a constant state of Burn-Out.

Not. Good.

So, what shall an over-worked, over-tasked gal do?

3 tips to overcome overwhelm

Here’s my top 3 tips for overcoming overwhelm:

  1. As Faith Hill says, “Just Breathe.” This is my #1 tip for dealing with overwhelm. If you can do nothing else, this will save your life (I know it has played a HUGE role in getting rid of my horrible stomach pains).  Breathe in.  Slowly breathe out.  And watch as your heart rate slows, belly relaxes and your crazy brain takes a chill pill.
  2. Repeat this mantra: “It can wait.” No really, it can. Repeat it again, “It can wait.” Rinse, recycle and repeat this phrase because it may take a while for your body to really understand it is true.  There is never anything that is SO urgent it needs to be done immediately.  Unless it’s a real emergency like your left boob is being stabbed by those pesky bra wires that like to show themselves every once in a while.  That’s a legit emergency 😉
  3. Practice saying “no.” This is a huge one that I work on with my clients since the women I help are big people pleasers. I’ve been there and I know how hard it is to tell somebody no when every fiber in you just wants to help, and of course you can help because you are a super woman.  The problem is, all those “yeses” pile up and eventually you are like Princess and the Pea.  Except you’re the pea.  And hello, who doesn’t want to remain the princess?  Exercise your right to “no” and your overwhelm will tumble to peaceful Bliss in no time.

    Tip: Just say “no.” That’s it.  One of the biggest mistakes I see women make (and I still have to work really hard at this one) is giving a lengthy reason after they say no, which eventually circles back to them feeling guilty and then they withdraw their no and somehow magically it becomes a painful “yes.” No bueno.

Bonus Bliss Tip: To help with overwhelm and get back to your Bliss fast, pick up a pyrite stone.  I just snagged one of these in the shape of a Buddha (isn’t he cute in the picture above?!) from my local crystal shop in Las Vegas. Pyrite helps bring balance and synchronicity to your life.  And, it also helps with manifestation (hello!). It has a masculine energy, which is great for us ladies who are all over the place, flowing in our feminine and need to be brought back to Earth 🙂

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May your Bliss Plan, and custom chosen crystals bring you as much balance and relief from overwhelm as they have brought me.

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In Legit Love,

Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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