5 Ways to Add Some Radiant Self Care to Your Thanksgiving

Here in the states, Thanksgiving is tomorrow…and that means lots of room for your self care to go downhill and get lost in the dark depths of that gravy boat.

Now, before we get into my 5 Ways to Add Some Radiant Self Care to Your Thanksgiving, let me be clear:

I’m NOT talking about having a “super healthy, let’s go workout then eat a carrot and maybe have a sip of wine then totally feel guilty about a bite of pumpkin pie” type of “self care” Thanksgiving.

My self care advice is not to turn your Thanksgiving into one with rules.

But it IS about infusing your Thanksgiving with the stuffing-like-warmth, nourishment, support and gratefulness for YOU.

That’s how we do self care around here. 🙂

So, whether you are spending Thanksgiving at your place or joining with friends or family at theirs…here are some tips to ensure you are fully embracing Radiant Self Care, along with your delicious stuffing…

5 Ways Self Care & Thanksgiving

5 Ways to Add Some Radiant Self Care to Your Thanksgiving:

1. Gather in community

The best way to support your self care on Thanksgiving is to surround yourself with people who love you.  The holidays bring up all sorts of feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, etc. This is natural because society tells us we’re “supposed” to be merry all through the season.  Do yourself a self care favor and don’t settle for sitting on the couch alone. Be with others on this day! (I know it can be hard to ask for a place to go when you feel like a Thanksgiving orphan, but trust me…LOTS of people would love to have you over!)

2. Exercise your boundaries

Being around people who love you can feel so comforting…AND, it brings up a lot of different opinions! You might get asked things you don’t want to answer: “We’re so sorry about your breakup…that must be HORRIBLE?!” or “So, where are you going with your life…last we heard there were no new opportunities?” Ick.  The important thing here is that you DON’T have to answer anything you don’t want to.  You can just smile and nod and say “Yeah, sensitive subject, can we talk about something else?” Or, you can provide some info…but remember you don’t have to provide ALL the info.  Just share what makes you comfy.

3. Kick guilt to the curb

Worried about that pumpkin pie? Gravy going to your thighs? Craving another serving of mashed potatoes and feeling super bad about it? STOP.  Really, there is no need to feel guilty on Thanksgiving. It’s one time a year.  But more importantly, think of this day as a celebration of NOURISHMENT.  How great is it to enjoy food? And, to actually HAVE food when so many people in the world are starving.  Don’t feel guilty about this.  Feel grateful. Taste the textures, smell the aromas of rich, cinnamony goodness….and dive in!

4. Eat the highest quality available

If you do want to do your body some self care good, instead of worrying about how much you’re eating….be mindful about the quality of what you are eating (if the situation allows). I never worry about what I eat, I only ask myself: “How can I eat the highest quality of what I want?” So, if you’re having turkey…maybe go for organic turkey instead of one full of growth hormones.  If you’re making roasted veggies, try coconut oil or butter from grass-fed cows instead of that icky plastic margarine stuff.  Treating your body with love is part of self care…and that means feeding her what she deserves – THE BEST!

5. Be grateful for YOU

If there is ONE thing you remember on Thanksgiving, please, please, please….be grateful for YOU.  Yes, you.  Why? Because it’s super easy to be grateful for other things around us – our family, friends, a job, a house, our pets.  But man-oh-man, when it comes down to being grateful for ourselves, we have a hard time.  It’s amazing when I ask my clients this question how it reveals something beautiful inside of them.  A tenderness towards themselves that they never knew before.  I want that for you.  So on Thanksgiving, write it down, say it out loud, tattoo it to your arm: “Why are you grateful for YOU?”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And if you don’t live where Thanksgiving is celebrated, I hope you can still apply these 5 ways to add some Radiant Self Care to your life, or to the holidays in general 🙂

Now it’s your turn…

Which of these self care tips will you be using during the holidays?

Share in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear :)

To Your Radiance,

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