7 Reasons to Take a Bliss Trip Instead of a Regular Vacation

Do you love vacations as much as I do?

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m giddy this morning as I drive off to Sedona with one of my closest gal pals, Adria DeCorte (you may remember her from The Me Time Movement “Me Time in Your Busy Schedule” interview).

And ummm, did I mention that I’m driving my BRAND NEW sassy red Elantra that I got yesterday?! (This is a whollllllle story that I’ll share with you later about how I used Radiant Self Care strategies to attract this upgrade without lifting a finger!)

The last time I went to Sedona was for New Year’s Eve 2011.  And let me tell you…the magic of Sedona led me to so much clarity in my purpose, back when I was still unclear what the heck I was doing with my life. You can read about my experience on a vortex here.

Returning to the Sacred land of Sedona is totally a Bliss Trip! Plus, my birthday is on the full moon…how cool is that?!

So, in the spirit of Bliss Trips for all, I thought it would be fun to share with you what makes a Bliss Trip VERY different than your typical vacation.

7 Reasons to Take a Bliss Trip Instead of a Regular Vacation:

1. You set an intention.

The first thing I do when dreaming up a Bliss Trip is ask myself what my intention is. This consists of answering two questions:

1) Why do I want this trip? and

2) How to I want to feel during and/or after it?

For example, I want my birthday Sedona trip so that I can get away to a beautiful, spiritual place, connect with nature and celebrate my 32 years of life. And during the trip I want to feel relaxed, inspired and clarity for what I’m creating over the next 5 years (I know, BIG visioning, right?!). This is also a very powerful process that I guide the women who come to Bali with me through prior to the retreat.

2. You don’t work.

It seems silly to put this in but you all know it’s true. Most people work on vacation (I see you!) They think people will see them as underachieving if they aren’t answering their work emails while on vacation. [ridiculous] When I was in corporate, I used to tell my team that if they didn’t get off of email on vacation they were going to be in big trouble when they came back (kidding of course, but they knew I was serious). Look, we create our own reality. Work will ALWAYS be there. Vacation will not. If you are the person who is always working on vacation, your job and the people who work with you will come to expect that. A Bliss Trip is an opportunity to release that expectation – or “shed the should” as I like to say – and acknowledge that everyone at work will be just fine without you.  Trust me.

3. You unplug from technology.

To build off the last point about not working, on a Bliss Trip, it’s equally important that you are consciously resisting your temptation to pick up your phone, to post another Facebook comment or Instagram photo. Or, to even answer your texts {gasp}! Presence is KEY on a Bliss Trip.  You’ll miss a glorious moment, and you’ll also miss the opportunity to fully relax, if you are on your phone or computer.

4. You go with the flow.

This is the fun part. Allowing your intuition to guide you.  When you don’t have any plans, there is more freedom to just do what feels good.  To go exploring off the beaten path.  To wander. To enjoy.  To savor and see what discoveries appear.  This is when the magic happens! The ladies who go to Bali with me rave about how this makes my retreat so playful and fun. And hey, you might find some secret restaurant.  Or meet your future husband. 😉  Who the heck knows!

7 reasons to take a bliss trip instead of a regular vacation

5. You release the pressure to see it ALL.

How many regular vacation have you gone on and crammed so much into your schedule because you didn’t want to miss a thing and you weren’t sure when you would return next? Yeah…you may get a gold star for Tourist of the Year, but this is no Bliss Trip. Simply seeing it all just to say you did takes the fun out of actually enjoying what you MOST want to see. So choose one or two things, then let the rest of the time be filled with whatever inspires you most at that moment.

6. You allow yourself to get YOUR needs met. (important when you’re with other people)

If you’re going with people, even just one additional person besides, this requires continuous negotiation. It may look like this:

What should we do next?
I dunno, what do you wanna do?

I’m hungry.
I’m not.

I’d like to go see that famous sculpture. 
Eh, okay…I guess that sounds good.

You get the point.  On a Bliss Trip, it’s always best to take care of YOUR needs.  It’s easy to feel bad or guilty straying from the pack.  You probably came on vacation to be together, however, the more you just do what you want to do, the happier you will be during your Bliss Trip and the more relaxed you will feel. Wanna take a nap and skip sight seeing? Do it. Go exploring the outdoor market while everyone else stays in? Fun! The best part is you’ll be an example for the group of what it looks like to practice Radiant Self Care and to choose your own state of Bliss.

If you do go by yourself on a Solo Bliss Trip, you might like my post 7 Tips to Plan a Blissful, Relaxing Vacation by Yourself (which I wrote when I took my first solo vacation to Hawaii!)

7. You actually come home recharged.

This one is SO important! It’s why I call my Bali retreat, The Radiance Recharge.  Because, HELLO. You know just as well as I do that most of us return home from a “vacation” more stressed out than we left. We didn’t set our teams at work up for success to operate while we were gone.  Or we allow the number of emails waiting in our inbox to overwhelm us.  Prior to a Bliss Trip you plan accordingly and people understand that you will be unavailable (you don’t have to explain why, BTW, you just need to let them know that’s the kind of vacation you are taking…you could be in Bali for goodness sakes!)

To add to this point – During your Bliss Trip you actually allow yourself to be relaxed. To rest. Sleep in. Recharge.  Do what FEELS GOOD and Blissful! This is what sets you up to feel great when you return home.


Now it’s your turn…

Which of these 7 reasons for taking a Bliss Trip do you like most?

Share in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear! 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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