7 Self Care Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – that beautiful day where we all gather to give thanks for our friends and family, a roof over our heads and plenty of food to eat.

Or, the day where you’ve just got one potato left to mash and dinner is already 3 hours late, Uncle Bobby is driving everyone crazy with his inappropriate jokes and you’re already in agony thinking of all the overeating you’ve done as you stuff that 2nd piece of pie in your face to try and numb the agony of it all.

If you’ve ever experienced this kind of Thanksgiving (I think we ALL have!) let’s not recreate it this year, okay?

Self-care can take a massive hit on Thanksgiving if we aren’t careful. 

That’s why I’ve stuffed, basted and baked this delicious Self Care Survival Guide for you to avoid the Thanksgiving pitfalls and enjoy the holiday for all that it’s meant to be about – gratitude and thanks.

7 self care tips to survive thanksgiving  

7 Self Care Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

  1. Nourish, don’t stuff. Yes, turkeys are delicious stuffed, but you don’t feel so delicious when you are stuffed to the brim with way too many servings of Thanksgiving dinner, right? If you want to avoid feeling totally uncomfortable and stop yourself from eating, just to eat, try this: Think of Thanksgiving as a day to nourish your body.  It’s not just about eating.  It’s about allowing appreciation for the rituals of preparing food and sharing it with those you love, to really penetrate your being.  Once you really feel that purpose in your bones, you will be more present to respecting your body when it tells you to stop eating.
  2. Let go and indulge. On the other hand, resist the temptation to beat yourself up over that extra piece of pie or second serving of stuffing. Do you desire it? Does it feel yummy to have another go? Does it support your nourishment as outlined in #1?  Fantastic! Give in to that desire and eat up.  Afterall, this holiday is centered around enjoying food.
  3. Put people before food. It’s likely that if you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or going to someone’s house where they are cooking, there will be many food snafus.  An ingredient will be forgotten, something will burn and the coordination of timing all the food to be done at the same time is likely to look like a horribly choreographed dance routine.  Whatever you do, don’t let the food win!  What I mean by this is, when things go wrong in the kitchen, we often place all of our focus and energy on making it right.  The food becomes the most important focus.  Instead, take a breath and connect with the people who you are with.  The food will be what it is.  Those you love – the moments you share with them on Thanksgiving – those will be priceless.
  4. Play with your food. Need to bring a dish to a friend’s house or family gathering? Or, hosting Thanksgiving at your place? Take this opportunity to express your creativity through food! Sure, Thanksgiving is full of tradition but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up the traditional recipes a bit.  Throw some candied ginger in your sweet potato casserole, try a new mulled wine recipe, make that organic turkey with a Jamaican jerk rub.  Have fun!
  5. Respect your need to retreat. The crowded house full of people and swirling smell of several aromas getting to you? Give yourself permission to step outside.  Take some Me Time to re-center and allow yourself whatever time you need (even if you are the host) before you enter back inside to rejoin the mingling.
  6. Kick off the thanks-giving. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself is facilitating the group you are with by encouraging everyone to say something they are thankful for. I know this can feel a little intimidating, but I promise you, everyone will be secretly grateful that you reminded them of the meaning of Thanksgiving.  All you have to say is this: “Hey guys, let’s all huddle up for a few seconds before we dig in.  I think it’d be really cool if everyone said something they are thankful for.  If you don’t have anything to share, you can pass.  I’ll start…” If you’re really gutsy, encourage everyone to hold hands like I do 🙂 If you aren’t the host, let them know that you’d like to help gather everyone for a couple of quick moments.  I guarantee they won’t say no.
  7. Before you go to bed on Thanksgiving, take a moment after crawling under your covers to acknowledge all the reasons why you are thankful for yourself. What do you appreciate about you?  Are you thankful that you treated your body with respect this Thanksgiving? That you were surrounded by such beautiful friends who are a reflection of your own beauty? That you took care of yourself by leaving the party early so that you could get some quality sleep? Thank yourself this Thanksgiving.

I hope these 7 Thanksgiving Self Care Survival Tips are helpful for you! May they support you in taking care of yourself this Thanksgiving, so that you are able to enjoy this beautiful holiday with as little stress as possible, and as your most glowing, radiant self .

Do you have a Thanksgiving self care tip that helps you enjoy the holiday?

I’d love to hear your answer in the comment box below!  Just login to your Facebook account.  Easy-peasy.  Thank you! 🙂

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