7 Tips to Plan a Blissful Relaxing Vacation by Yourself

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel alone?

Perhaps you’ve had desires to go somewhere at a particular time when you REALLY needed to get-away, but no one was interested in going with you.

Or, maybe you’ve had vacations with family, friends or romantic partners that ended up being more stressful than relaxing.  Hello, vacation bomb!

I’ve had both of these scenarios occur several times in my life.

BUT, instead of taking action towards my bliss, instead of taking that vacation that I really, really wanted to go on…I shoved the thought out of my mind because I’ve always thought of vacations as something you do with a loved one.

Do you have the same idea of a vacation?

I mean, how many vacations have you been on where you see someone (especially a woman) hanging out by herself without being on a business trip?

Because of the fact that we’ve defined a vacation as something you do WITH someone, we’re missing out on a huge opportunity to do vacation for OURSELVES.

This is why I finally decided to take a solo vacation!  I’m calling it my Solo Bliss Trip. And, I’m on this trip in glorious Hawaii as I write this blog!!

View from my hotel balcony - Waikiki beach!

View from my hotel balcony – Waikiki beach

Already (and I’ve only been here 14 hours!!) this trip has been SO rewarding for my self-care.  I want you to have the same opportunity to follow your bliss and forget the idea that you can’t travel alone, so I’m sharing with you my tips to plan your own Solo Bliss Trip.

7 Tips to Plan a Blissful and Relaxing Vacation by Yourself

  1. Choose a city that you haven’t been to. Although it might feel less scary to choose a city that you know well, your Solo Bliss Trip will be more exciting and special if you really lean into your desires and choose a place you’ve been wanting to go to. This is your opportunity to choose a vacation that suits you – pick a place that represents your bliss! I had never been to Hawaii and had been desiring to come here for years.
  2. Choose ONE thing you’d like to experience on your trip. Yep, just one. I know this might feel limiting but trust me, it will keep you in your Bliss because you’ll have a focus.  For example, in Hawaii, the main thing I want to experience is the beach.  For you, in whatever city you choose to visit, it might be shopping, museum-hopping, dining at world-renowned restaurants, etc.
  3. Book your hotel near the one thing you’d like to experience. This will cut down on stress because you’ll be walking distance, or at least a short taxi ride from what you’d like to do. I find transportation when traveling can be one of the biggest stress inducers, so this will help avoid that. I booked a hotel right on the beach so that I can literally walk about 200 feet to the waves and sand.
  4. Don’t get plan happy! This one is a biggie.  Back in my anal, “I must plan everything or else it will fall to pieces days,” I created elaborated outlines of activities and agendas, packing every moment into every ounce of my vacation with “to-dos.” Talk about Stress City! On your Solo Bliss Trip, this is a big no-no because it will crush your pleasure to smithereens. The more space you can give yourself to flow, the less you’ll be hopping about, stressed-out, trying to get to the next thing on your agenda and the more you’ll enjoy yourself. Only book things that you absolutely have to (for example, in Italy, I only booked a ticket to the Colloseum in Rome because I knew the lines were going to be really long – and, even this was a little stressful because my mom and I ended up rushing to make our morning show-time).
  5. Don’t think twice, just do it! Want to eat at that really upscale restaurant? Do it! Yes, people will stare and wonder why a gorgeous woman like you is alone but who cares? That’s just them worried what they might feel like alone.  Focus on yourself and your desires and indulge! Go for a stroll on the beach at 5 a.m., bar hop until midnight, sleep in until noon.  Whatever feels good to your body – do that.
  6. Keep yourself nourished. It’s really easy while traveling to forget about feeding your body healthy fuel to keep you in tip-top shape so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish on vaca, especially if you’re by yourself. Stock up on healthy, organic non-GMO foods as much as possible and pack them in your suitcase (and enough on your carry-on for the flight). Then, when you get to your destination, use the Yelp app on your smart phone to search for restaurants nearby that have fresh, whole food options.  You’d be surprised how many places have juice bars now – I even found one a couple of block from my Hawaii hotel!
  7. Leave work at home. If this one stresses you out – GOOD! Let’s get that stress out of the way now, so that you can leave it behind.  You Solo Bliss Trip is NOT the place to be doing work.  Whatever you feel like you “should” be doing on vacation for work, forget it.  It will only take away from the time that you deserve to dedicate to YOU.

Alrighty, those are my tips to get you started on planning a glorious vacation by yourself to fulfill your bliss! Now, the big question is…when are you going?!

Where do you desire to go on a vacation by yourself?

I’d love to hear your answer in the comment box below!  Just login to your Facebook account.  Easy-peasy.  This is a safe place to share so let it all out! :)

To Your Radiance,


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