9 Self Care Musts for a Pleasurable Plane Ride

Well, it’s only 1 day until I’m back in the air headed to Bali for the second year of my The Radiance Recharge transformational women’s retreat!

And I thought….in all this excitement, wouldn’t it be cool to share with you my FAVORITE stuff to bring on the plane to ensure your self care doesn’t take a nose dive before you even reach your final destination?!

I share this list with my lovely Bali Babes…because the more you can take care of yourself on those loonnnnngggg plane rides (and Bali is SUPER long!), the more Radiant you will feel upon arrival, ensuring you enjoy your delicious retreat.

So, without further adieu, here is my list of self care items to pack for your vacation…

9 Self Care Musts for a Pleasurable Plane Ride

  1. Airplane neck pillow ~ I lovvvvve my leopard print J Pillow. A uniquely designed (& super cute!) airplane neck pillow for the ultimate comfort. The shape supports your neck, chin & head. It won British invention of the year in 2013. Don’t love animal prints like me? They have other cute patterns too! Check it out here. 
  2. Peppermint essential oil ~ I NEVER leave home without this….especially while I travel. It’s pretty much an all-in-one self care supply. Sore neck? Rub some oil on the spot! Stinky breath? A drop’ll do! Feeling nauseous? Take a whiff and you’ll feel better. Tummy probs? Rub, smell or take a lick of the oil. Beware though…not all essential oils are created equally. I’m loyal to Young Living as they have plenty of data showing their purest, no-filler standard. I am a distributor, but haven’t set up a website to accept purchases, so if you’d like to get the oil, go to my friend’s essential oil website: Check it out here. 
  3. Face wipes ~ On those lonnnnng flights, I find my face feels uber dirty. Probably a combo of the length of time in the aluminum tube in the sky, mixed with all the people and their germs, and the lack of air circulation. Ick. So, to freshen up, my favorite thing to use are Yes to Carrots fragrance free gentle cleansing wipes. No harsh chemicals, just an nice wet wipe! LOL. Check them out here.self care plane supplies travel must haves
  4. Ginger chews ~ I don’t know about you, but when I travel my digestion gets all messed up. So, in addition to the peppermint oil, I’ve got a few other recommendations for you, including these yummy (and highly addictive) ginger chews by Ginger People. Ginger has tons of benefits including reliving nausea, helping digestion, increasing circulation, and more. This brand of chews is pure – only 3 ingredients: ginger, cane sugar & tapioca starch. Check them out here. 
  5. Travel pack ~ If you don’t feel like checking your bag or squeezing your bottles of shampoo & conditioner into smaller bottles, this travel pack of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body spray and lip balm is AWESOME. The first time I bought it was when I went to Peru and I’m SO happy I did. Not only does Hugo Naturals make virtually chemical free products (they are usually a 0 or 1 on EWG), but their products smell soooo yummy and actually work (which is a big deal for natural products). I use their oatmeal and shea butter shampoo and conditioner when I’m at home. This travel pack is also a lovely scent – lavender! Check it out here. 
  6. Compression socks ~ I learned this lesson the hard way. Even with all of my international travel, I had never experienced what happens when you get really bad achy, swollen leg pains after a flight, until I got off the plane coming home from Bali last year. Aye! Horrible. So this year, I purchased these super cute compression socks, which along with regular standing, stretching and walking around the plane, will help keep my circulation flowing. Another note to help with this: drink tons of water! I bought the polkadot socks…they also have other cute designs! Check them out here. 
  7. Hand sanitizer ~ Hey, you never know when you won’t be able to wash your hands while traveling, so I highly recommend these yummy smelling (and natural) sprayable hand sanitizers by Clean Well. They won’t dry the bejesus out of your hands like those traditional sanitizers, yet they still work (apparently but how would I know? LOL) Check them out here. 
  8. Probiotics ~ Here we are again with digestion and tummy stuff 🙂 Hey, it’s SUPER common for things to happen when you are eating differently than your usual routine or you’re “poop shy” in a different location (LOL…hey, I had to). A good quality brand of probiotics can help keep things flowing, and you feeling good because of it! I’ve been taking Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics (all plant based) for years now and they seem to work well! Check them out here. 
  9. Granola bars ~ It’s never good to be hangry when traveling! Okay, I’ll speak for myself…I hate being hungry. It ain’t pretty. So, when I hop on a plane I always, always, always have a stash of healthy, or at least semi-healthy food to compliment the super salty (and sometimes scary) airplane food (but why is it SO good?! 😉 ) My go-to are KIND bars…they’ve got salty, sweet, dark chocolate dipped and even a new line of savory…my friend brought a honey mustard one on my birthday trip to Sedona. Although these aren’t organic, they are still pretty pure with no weird ingredients. My favorite organic brand of granola bars for travel are Pure Bars. Those bars will definitely keep you regular since they are made with dates! LOL. Check out KIND bars here. And Pure Bars here.

Alright loves! That’s it for my must-have self care stuff to make your plane ride, vacation and trip most pleasurable! If you have any questions, feels free to post below & ask away!

And now…I’d love to hear from YOU!…

What self care items are on your must-have list for travel?

Share below 🙂 ……..

To Your Radiance,

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