A 2015 Love Note for all my Radiant Divas

May this audio message bathe you in LOVE & RADIANCE inspiring you to deeply nourish yourself through self care this year…

There’s this burning in my heart.
This desire to tell you that I love you.

That no matter what,
you are perfect exactly how you are.

That those thoughts of imperfection…
Of your boobs not being big enough or of being too big
Or you being not skinny enough or too skinny
All of those thoughts are nonsense.

Because you,
you gorgeous woman
 are so fucking perfect you have no idea.

That’s why I’m here to remind you.

love note

I’m here to remind you to cherish yourself.
To cherish the radiance that you are.
The radiance that you hold deep inside of you.
That fire within.

And to remind you that when you activate that radiance
When you speak your truth
When you say what you want or say what you need
When you do something not because you feel you are supposed to do it
But because you really really want to do it…

That is god.

That is you standing for all of womankind.
All of who we are meant to be on this planet.

We are meant to be loving creatures towards ourselves first.

So dear woman, I remind you that as 2015 is here
Let this be a year where there is no guilt for wanting what you want.

There is no shame for wanting to be a diva,
to stand for yourself.

There is no selfish in Me Time.

That by simply taking care of you – every single little need that you have –
You are taking care of the world.

And that, my love
Is simply amazing.

That, my love
Is Radiant Self Care.

~Jess Tomlinson

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