a retreat led to my new tattoo (pics inside!!)

“I will NEVER get a tattoo.”

Sometime in my younger years, I felt so sure of this statement.
There was nothing that I could be so attached to that it needed to be on my body…FOREVER.

Then, while strolling the streets of Brooklyn on the 4th of July back in 2011, with my tatted-up childhood bestie, I got the strong urge to get the Aquarius symbol inked on my foot.

Now, as of yesterday, I’ve made the commitment to something MUCH larger – in vision and in size.

my new tattoo!

Pictures: My transformation tattoo on my inner right wrist, me and Jen Shakti – shaman and sacred tattoo artist and my alter I created before the tattoo to set my intention for what it will bring to my life.

This isn’t just any tattoo.
It is sacred to me.

It’s me telling the Universe, and myself, that I am ready to be SEEN – hello, it’s on my wrist!

It’s me committing to my never-ending growth and transformation.

It’s me expressing a symbol of open-heartedness, so that I can continue to love myself and support the women who come to me with a desire to connect, to take better care of themselves and to begin stepping into their Radiance.

It’s me listening to my higher calling to create a movement where all people adore themselves so deeply that they can’t help but share that love with the world – The Legit Love Revolution.

The process of getting this tattoo all started with a message I received while in Peru on a life-changing women’s retreat last year. I have answered the call.

And now, through some serendipitous events where I was connected to a beautiful shaman sacred tattoo artist, Jen Shakti (who did her shaman training in PERU!), I have a beautiful piece of artwork, designed by my lovely artist friend, Rebecca Maloney, woven deep into my very being.

You might not be destined to receive a tattoo like I did, but what you ARE destined for is greatness.  You have big dreams.  A big heart.  And you can have it all…

…by making a solid commitment to YOU.

That’s what The Radiance Recharge women’s retreat in Bali is all about.

Making the commitment (sometimes for the first time) to YOUR happiness.

It would be an honor to support you in exploring the possibility of you joining me and an intimate group of women in Bali.  If you’re feeling called, respond to this email. There are only 4 spots remaining.

I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig


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