Here’s something I am 100% certain of…

The world needs love to heal, and the most important way to heal is through your inner journey of self-love and a relationship with an intimate partner.

But going through that inner journey and finding an intimate partner? I get that it can be challenging…and a bit scary.

As an ambitious, independent woman, you’ve already got a lot of things going for you, but in the midst of career success and a fulfilling social calendar, you find yourself feeling lonely. You’re tired of going out on dates with guys you’re only moderately interested in from Tinder, and even when you do find someone you really like, you don’t understand why things don’t progress to a more serious level.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a Radiant Love Coach who supports women in healing their heart, discovering their deepest desires & owning their range of feminine power – the playful, fierce and sexy – so that they can attract the Big Meaningful Love they deserve.

However, unlike most relationship coaches, I don’t push my clients into online dating, but instead, empower women to do things “the old fashioned way” – through compassionate communication and vulnerability. After years of expecting men to just “get” me, I realized that I wasn’t communicating in a way that they could understand my needs. Nor was I being vulnerable enough to share my needs. It felt scary. So I’ve dedicated myself to learning everything I can about what inspires and motivates men in relationships – from studying all of Dr. John Gray’s books, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, to the works of relationship experts Alison Armstrong and David Deida, to my own personal experiences in a relationship. In short, I know a TON about men and one of my missions in life is to heal the masculine and feminine dynamic, so that women inspire men to be their best selves and men deeply adore women.

Where I am nowjessfltl

I’m blessed to say that I am living a truly amazing, love-filled life.

I’ve experienced multiple deep, meaningful relationships with men who have stepped-up and adored me in ways beyond my wildest dreams. (Think: Naked photoshoots, secluded weekend getaways, skydiving adventures, 8 plane tickets purchased in bulk to come see me, and so, so, much more). And, I’m traveling the world sharing my love – Italy, France, Peru, Prague, Bali…and Barcelona and New Zealand very soon!

How it used to be

But my life didn’t always used to be this way.

In fact, back in 2009, I spent Christmas at my family’s house in Washington state curled up into a ball, depressed and unable to eat because my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years had decided not to use the plane ticket he already bought.

I was devastated. Completely heartbroken. I couldn’t even eat.

How could someone I dedicated my life to just abandon me (and do it in front of my family)?

Worst…I really did think I had it all: He was tall, dark, handsome and a doctor. We never fought. Our relationship was really nice.


And then this happened

I met a mentor shortly after my heartbreak, and she helped me realize two things:

  1. We’re not meant to do life alone. It’s okay (in fact necessary) to receive support.
  2. Being a woman means embracing ALL of who we are – this is being “feminine”

I realized that in my previous relationship, I had been doing it all alone. I had a lot of women friends, but none that were really there for me – I needed a tribe of sisters.

And, I also realized that I had been denying who I really was. Suffocating my true self. Pushing her down. My self-expression longed to be set free.

For so long I had been trying to fit into the “nice girl” box for fear of losing out on love, instead of embracing my playful, fierce and sexy sides – my true Feminine Power!

Oh, and guess what happened when I began living life for ME?

The doctor came back and proposed! Crazy, right? (I said no….because he didn’t actually fall in love with the real me and I wanted deep, Big Meaningful Love!)

A few of my accolades

I have been featured for my expert advice on multiple media interviews including WNPR alongside Byron Katie and live TV for Las Vegas’ NBC affiliate. I was also named one of Las Vegas’ top 5 Empowered Entrepreneurs in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine. In addition, I am a leader in women’s empowerment, facilitating my own group and co-producing/hosting the Las Vegas TEDxWomen event, TEDxFremontEastWomen.

What brings me pleasure

You can find me delighting in the sensual sides of life like delicious food, wine and coffee, traveling the world, dancing and hiking, devouring deep spiritual books on the meaning of life and love, and helping provide clean water systems to communities without access through

Your next step

Are you desiring to receive support in healing your heart and owning your full Feminine Power so you can attract the love you deserve?

I can help!

Usually my sessions are $500, but it would be my honor to support you, so your first call is complimentary. Fabulous, right?!

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Other people who have worked with me have said…


Brittany Williams

“Even in a short period of time, with all the junk I was trying to process, this experience brought me clarity, peace and comfort…”

Brittany Williams Former Miss United States & Creator of B.FabYOUlous



I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to gain from the experience, but something told me to just do it. I knew that if it was something that Jess was doing, nothing but great things would come from it. The timing was perfect, as I was in the process of some major transitions in my life. However, with so much happening, I really had no idea what to tackle first. Even in a short period of time, with all the junk I was trying to process, this experience brought me clarity, peace and comfort in knowing that I had to wrap up in my cocoon, let it happen, and bust out and fly! While I thought I had already broken out of my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly in the past, I have done it again. This time, Jess helped me to become the big, bright, blingy, beautiful butterfly that I was trying to be all along.


Kayla McLeod

“I’ve been single for 3 years…this one simple change in perspective was the catalyst that helped me open up and discover a deeper connection with a friend [man] I already love!”

Kayla McLeod


“I decided to focus on one piece of information you shared and see what happens….we [me and a guy I’d been noticing on Facebook] met up and had an OUTSTANDING time talking, dancing, sharing and hugging. That night he insisted that we schedule another date. This was 2 weeks ago and since then we’ve gone on 6 Play Dates! He calls and texts me everyday, communicates so openly and clearly, and showers me with the Love Languages that I speak best! And on Saturday I worked a double and, halfway through my shifts, he brought me a homemade dinner and massaged my feet! Opening up to so much LOVE is quite the experience!! I’ve been single for 3 years. During that time I haven’t been on any “dates”, nor have I had interest in the types of men I was attracting. This one simple change in perspective was the catalyst that helped me open up and discover a deeper connection with a friend I already love. I don’t know what the future holds for this new relationship, however I feel confident in the reminder that it IS possible to achieve.”