Congrats & welcome, gorgeous!

I'm so excited to support you...if at any time you need assistance feel free to email me jessica@jessicatomlinson.com

Check your email for details + Here's your next steps...

1. Get your instant download!

[The Blissful Checklist to Banish Busy]

(this will help you find at LEAST 2 hours of extra time for yourself each day…without feeling guilty!)

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The first step for Bliss is showing up!
We begin Monday, January 25 (look for an email)
Write it down, get excited & be ready to wake up your senses!

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If ya dig community & meeting other women, this will be the place to discuss our experiences Awakening Your Bali Bliss!

Thank you so much for sharing this Blissful virtual experience with those you love & spreading the message of #BlissOverBusy!

P.S. Are you stoked for the Awaken Your Bali Bliss experience? Invite a friend! Bliss is better when shared...and as women, we're in this #BlissOverBusy journey together! (seriously, we need each other)

Just copy & paste this in an email or text to your gal pal: 
Hey girl! Just joined this awesome, free virtual sensory experience - thought you might love to join too: http://bit.ly/awakenbliss (accountability, baby!) =) XO ~ [your name]

Yay, can't wait to support you in
Awakening Your Bali Bliss!