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~ A Poem: The Call to Awaken Your Bliss ~

I nudge my sleeping self.
Rise, rise….I whisper.
The dawn has come.

The bright rays of morning light peek through the curtains.
But she’s still asleep.

Awaken, sweet woman of wonder.
Sister of Radiance.
Goddess of goodness.

You’ve got pleasure to feel.

Still….she sleeps.

A few hours pass.
The smell of coffee.
The sound of the rain.

The feeling of soft sheets snuggled between her heart.

With nowhere to go, she can….ahhh….relax.

Finally, she feels the call.
The stirring in her soul.
Rise, rise.

And she does.

Vibrantly savoring the moment.

Awakened to Bali Bliss.

Will you answer the call?

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Hey, I'm Jess!

Hi there, love! I'm so glad that you found your way to this page. I'm Jess Tomlinson, your Radiant Self Care Coach, Me Time Mistress & visionary founder of The Me Time Movement.

I'm passionate about supporting busy badass women in “Shedding the Shoulds,” discovering THEIR deepest desires and creating lifestyles of Radiance laced with self care so they can move forward with their Big Meaningful Dreams (without feeling guilty).

Through my international luxury Bali retreats, The Radiance Recharge, and signature program, Her Radiance Revealed, I've helped several women transform their lives. I do this through my unique, interactive coaching techniques and self care strategies that help womenrelease harmful societal and self expectations, bridge the gap between self care and meaningful success, and uncover what they really, really want.

I was named one of Las Vegas' top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs, have been on live TV as a “Me Time” expert for the Las Vegas NBC business show & was even a guest on NPR for my work supporting non-traditional methods of self-help and empowerment!

For many, many years I was a "yes girl." I didn't know how to say no to anything because I was too afraid of disappointing others. So...my life and career suffered. I was completely overwhelmed, trying to tend to everyone's needs.  Because of this I was unhappy and unfulfilled (but didn't actually realize it!).  On the outside, everything seemed "fine." I had great friends, family and an awesome career in events and magazine marketing (I even got to work with celebrities!).

But the truth was, everything was not fine.  My health suffered greatly because of my stress.  I had massive stomach pains for more than 10 years. It was debilitating. Now, THANK GOD, I've discovered (slowly) the path to true self confidence and self love and it's through my unique Radiant Self Care practice.  I'm now living the life of my dreams...and actually doing MORE.  But it doesn't feel like more because I'm not stressed.  I want this for you! I've even been to France, Italy, Peru, Prague and of course, Bali (I love to travel!)  I'm so thrilled to support you and guide you to a place where you are in love with yourself and your life.


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