Are you longing to heal your heart so you can let more love in?
To let go and fully express all sides of yourself as a feminine woman?
To gather with other amazing women so you don't feel so alone?

Great! This may be the perfect retreat for you...

Only 8 spots - grab yours for the 2018 retreat!...

Craving more? Read on! This retreat is all about sacred self care...

Nothing less than life-changing...

Are you normally the giver, but ready to receive and have all of your needs met?
Perfect, on this retreat...I've got you, Goddess.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of work, responsibilities & every day to-dos?
No worries...the biggest decision you'll have to make here is dragonfruit or pineapple?

Desiring to form close bonds with amazing women, connect to your truth, move forward in your spiritual path & love yourself...no matter what?
Fabulous, gorgeous! Here we value sisterhood and hold the sacred space of non-judgement and unconditional love!

Imagine being here for 9 glorious, recharging days...

The villas reserved just for our group are classy and modern, snuggled back into a quiet area, yet center to the city of Seminyak, the most visited area of Bali. It is the perfect place to serve as home base for your divine feminine! Less than a 10 minute walk from the villas lies the beautiful ocean, perfect for a morning stroll or sunrise meditation. And just next door is a market, filled with bright colorful clothing and gorgeous jewelry to adorn you with Radiance! Oh, and did I mention that each villa has a pool?!

Desiring space to yourself? Fabulous! Only private rooms on this retreat...

Imagine nestling in to your private room with a large queen sized bed and private bathroom. Yes, no shared beds or toilets! Simply the best for you...no need to worry about another person. Want to catch up on your beauty sleep? Want to wake up early to see the rainbow-colored sunrise on the beach? You can do that without disturbing anyone. Inhale, exhale and allow yourself to melt into the blankets and pillows. Ahhhhh….can this seriously be a reality??

A place that feels safe, where you can let go and just BE...

We gather in circle for the morning activities - deep inner work that will finally allow you to let go off all the “shoulds” holding you back in your life, discover YOUR deepest desires and gain clarity on your Big Meaningful Dream. You know this is what you’ve been craving…connection to yourself, support from other women, and the confidence to really go after your dreams (not society’s version!)

The slight nervousness that you were feeling is followed by a wave of calm rushing over you as you meet the women in circle, in the outdoor seating area, surrounded by the beautiful flowers and the sound of the birds. What a glorious place to let things go! You feel safe, assured that there is no judgement, everyone is accepted and unconditionally loved for who she is and who she is not during this retreat.

It feels so good to have a space to just BE….without all the doing, the pushing, the expectations and deadlines. And the activities - including visualizations, journaling exercises and personalized coaching from Jess - are gently allowing you to settle into this BE-ing. To gain clarity on what you really, really want, without all the thoughts of everyday life and to-do lists taking over. Not to mention the heart-centered reflections and feedback you receive from the other amazing women on the retreat!

My heart is screaming YES!

Did I mention our meals are prepared by a private chef?!...

An outdoor dining area awaits you at our villa...imagine sitting beneath the palm trees as you feel so connected to nature and freedom, you sit down with other amazing women beneath the sun of a new day for breakfast, the song of the afternoon birds for lunch, and the stars at night for dinner.

The rich delightful aroma of healthy, yet nourishing food prepared by the private chef is laid before you and you can’t believe your eyes and tongue! Not only is the food a beautiful presentation of colors, since the cook is a former cruise ship chef, but the flavors are out of this world! Fresh, organic and sooooooo delicious! It’s hard to believe you won’t have to cook for 9 days and will have every meal - breakfast, lunch & dinner - prepared by this private chef, with the exception of a few delicious meals at popular local restaurants! Seriously, you are in heaven. Talk about #foodgasm and #foodporn!

The few meals outside of the villa are just as delicious! We'll make a stop at a local restaurant with Balinese cuisine, run by an adorable couple - delicious flavors of island delights and such hospitality! Perhaps you choose to stroke your palate with a savory noodle dish, finished by a fried banana with coconut. 

You'll also find yourself dining beachside...imagine the ocean view, watching the sunset with colors of fiery red, oranges and pinks as you enjoy your crisp wine, or perhaps some of the seafood caught that very day in the ocean before you, or maybe you are slurping up the nectar from the fresh exotic local fruit like mangosteen, jackfruit or a young ripe coconut!

Luxurious Balinese spa treatments...

With sweet moments of flow time laced in between, you experience another day on your retreat that is purely dedicated to nourishing your body, mind and soul. A luxurious spa day! Bali is known for it’s world-class pampering, and immediately you can tell as you select from a menu of yummy spa services. You decide to go with a massage, followed by a sugar scrub and moisturizing body mask, and ending with a relaxing soak in a tub filled with warm water and fresh flowers! Oh, and not to mention the simply divine fresh ginger tea with honey and coconut cookies that are delivered to you while in the bath. Seriously?! You have never felt like such a Queen in your life!

A personal Goddess Photoshoot to celebrate your Radiance...

Your Goddess Photoshoot experience is more than you could have imagined…you were nervous, not quite sure about getting in front of the camera and being seen but this opportunity is leaving you feeling more confident and truly embracing your feminine beauty like you never have before!

The best part? You aren't alone! The women on this retreat are so supportive. I mean...we all have hesitations about our bodies, right? Plus, the photographer, Nora, makes you feel so comfortable.

As the sun sets behind you on the beach, you strike a pose while the other ladies cheer you on shouting encouraging words: “You’re soooooo hot! Wow, that’s gorgeous! Whoo hoo, sexy lady!” A small tear of joy trickles down your face afterwards, you never knew how important it was to feel supported by other women and to truly love your body. You can’t wait to receive all the electronic photos to use later for your personal viewing, Facebook profile photo or even your website!

Yes, I want a personal Goddess Photoshoot in Bali!

Shed the "shoulds" in the Holy Springs Water Temple...

Now, it’s time for a powerful, sacred experience…we pull up to an ancient, spiritual temple known as the Holy Springs Water Temple (Tampak Siring), built in 900 AD. The local Balinese frequently bathe in these waters to receive blessings and transformation.

Your heart expands immediately as you set foot on these sacred grounds…literally feeling the miracles and manifestation that will occur for you here. You walk the grounds of the temple, present to the power that lies inside of you, grateful that this journey has been dedicated to getting in touch with your own soul.

We all gather as Jess leads a sacred ritual, preparing you to enter the holy springs water. You set an intention, knowing that with each fountain that you immerse yourself in, the water will remove what’s blocking you and welcome in what you are requesting to receive in your life.

Wowwwww! This was probably the most spiritual, transformational experience you've ever had. Such a blessing to let go, shed the "shoulds" and ask for your desires, knowing they will be fulfilled at such a sacred location! A memory and experience to be cherished forever.

Let your Playful Child loose in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary!...

An entire day is devoted to exciting adventures in Ubud, the mountain city known for it’s yogi-centered feel. As we are transported into the mountains, the beautiful drive through the lush trees and foliage is breath-taking! We arrive at the Sacred Monkey Forest…how fun!! As you are entertained by the funny little creatures, it’s such a reminder to have fun and play in your own life. If it feels good to you, you can even sit down and allow the monkeys to climb on you! You know this is truly an experience you will never forget, and you’re so happy the photographer that is following the group for the day is capturing all of the moments so you can be present to all the magic unfolding right before your very eyes! Plus, what great photos to show your kids and your grandkids for generations to come!

Fill your cup, then give back to the children of Bali...

You decide to join the final excursion to a Bali orphanage, knowing that your cup is completely full and you are ready to share a piece of your heart with the world. Looking around at the children, you can’t believe how joyful they are even in the midst of hardship. It feels so great to love up on these kiddos and to hear their stories and know that you can make a difference in their life, just by being with them and shining your bright light. They remind you of why your Big Meaningful Dream is so important - not just to feel better about your own life, but to make a difference while you are alive...this is what meaning means to you. When you transform your life, you transform the world!

Yes, I want to be one of the 8 ladies!

Gorgeous, you don't have to worry about a thing!

Here's what's included in your investment (because you're worth it)...

  • 9 days in a luxury villa with your own private room, bathroom & queen-sized bed!
  • Excursions to beaches & the mountains of Ubud (holy water temple, monkey forest, rice fields)
  • Nurturing, luxurious spa treatments
  • Private Goddess photoshoot & access to all your gorgeous photos
  • All of your meals ~ delicious, healthy & prepared by a private chef (no, there won't be green juice fasts!)
  • Daily transformational group activities & coaching support to connect deeper to yourself, remove what's holding you back & get clarity on your future
  • Transportation to and from the Bali airport to our luxury villas
  • *Bonus* (2) pre-Bali connection calls to get to know the other women & set your powerful intention for what you want to receive in Bali
  • *Bonus* (2) post-Bali connection calls to integrate our experience into everyday life
  • Optional visit to an orphanage towards the end of the retreat - fill your cup first, then share your love with the Bali children

Here's what's NOT included in your investment...

  • The only thing that isn't included in the retreat investment is airfare, your Visa On Arrival and souvenirs - everything else is taken care of - yay!

Hear the amazing transformation last year's attendees experienced!!...

"This retreat far exceeded my wildest dreams. I never thought - being the strong woman that I am - that someone (Jess) could lead me through some of my broken pieces in such a way that I felt truly healed.  It was just miraculous." ~ Brooke

"This retreat gave me inspiration in my life to trust in who I am. To be myself. To let go of fears, hesitations and doubts." ~ LaRissa

"I was barely hanging on by a thread when I got to Bali...This retreat allowed me to shed the negative self talk, my anxiety, my stresses, my worries...and just be able to be here (in Bali) and be present...and to really grow and embrace who I'm really meant to be in the world." ~ Jennifer

Hear how Sandi moved through money & fear to go to Bali...

"If I were to be thinking logically, this is the wrong time to be spending money to go to Bali, much less taking the time for myself...and yet, every part of me is saying this is what's right, this is what you need to do and so I'm taking a leap of faith!" ~ Sandi

Exciting update! After Bali, Sandi reached a whole new level of success in her business where she is now finally able to sustain herself and bring in the abundance she deserves! Hear directly from Sandi on this webinar!

I want transformation like these ladies experienced!

*** ONLY 8 SPOTS ***
I would *adore* to have the opportunity to connect with you, review your application and if it meets the retreat qualifications, support you in a conversation to explore if The Radiance Recharge, intimate transformational women's retreat to Bali is for you! XO ~ Jess

Meet Your Bali Guide!

Hi there, love! I'm so glad that you found your way to this page. I'm Jess Tomlinson, your retreat leader for The Radiance Recharge in Bali!

I'm passionate about supporting busy big-hearted women in “Shedding the Shoulds,” discovering THEIR deepest desires and creating lifestyles of Radiance laced with self care so they can move forward with their Big Meaningful Dreams (without feeling guilty).

I've been coaching for 3 years and have helped several women transform their lives. I do this through my unique, interactive coaching techniques and self care strategies that help women release harmful societal and self expectations, bridge the gap between self care and meaningful success, and uncover what they really, really want.

I was named one of Las Vegas' top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs, have been on live TV as a “Me Time” expert for the Las Vegas NBC business show & was even a guest on NPR for my work supporting non-traditional methods of self-help and empowerment!

You're probably wondering what makes me qualified to lead this retreat and bring women together.  Aside from over 15 years producing non-profit, corporate & community events as well as 6 1/2 years in management for one of the world's most profitable travel companies, the more important info is for many, many years I was a "yes girl." I didn't know how to say no to anything because I was too afraid of disappointing others. So...my life and career suffered. I was completely overwhelmed, trying to tend to everyone's needs.  Because of this I was unhappy and unfulfilled (but didn't actually realize it!).  On the outside, everything seemed "fine." I had great friends, family and an awesome career in events and magazine marketing (I even got to work with celebrities!). But the truth was, everything was not fine.

I'm now living the life of my dreams...and experiencing so much more meaning! I want this for you! I've even been to France, Italy, Peru, Prague and of course, Bali (I love to travel!)  I hope I get the opportunity to support you at The Radiance Recharge so we can escape to Bali and guide you to a place where you are in love with yourself and your life.


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