Behind the scenes photos from Bali & The Radiance Recharge women’s retreat

Hello, hello lovely!

Me and the ladies are back from Bali and wow it was a glorious, transformational, spiritual, sisterhood lovefest!

I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING, but for now, I’ve got a few pictures to share from my iPhone.

Before we get to the photos though
, you’ve probably noticed how slow I’ve been in getting back online! So I’d like to acknowledge why…

It’s been hard getting back in the groove of things.

Unlike last year, I’m having a tough time adjusting
to Pacific Time (yeah, like, I woke up at 4pm the first day I was back in my own bed!), my doggies got sick beginning the first day I landed back in L.A. so I rushed home to Vegas early (yeah…coming home to literally a home full of poo is not pleasant) and now, I’m in the midst of my own transformation (more on this later). Plus, did I mention I totally sprained my ankle after taking a nose dive into a pothole in the grass while the ladies and I danced to “Shake it Off”….umm, yeah. Aye!

Regardless, it was a phenomenal trip
, however,ย I’ve been easing my way back in, practicing what I would say to each of my clients and what I’ve been saying to the ladies who joined me for The Radiance Recharge retreat

Be gentle on yourself.

This is the reason why you haven’t seen me back on social media yet
, and why I may not have responded to some of you who reached out personally to see how the retreat went – you’re all so sweet and I’m grateful!

Thank you for being patient with me as I practice Radiant Self Care
and I promise, there is lots of amazing connection and sharing to come.
Beginning with a few photos that I took on my iPhone!!
OMG, I’m so excited to share with you so that you can share in some of the magic. AND, keep in mind, the photos from Nora, the professional photographer that I hired to follow us around and capture the magic of the retreat are still coming too!

For now…here’s a first glimpse into behind the scene from The Radiance Recharge
women’s retreat to Bali + photos from my own personal vacation after the retreat was over ๐Ÿ™‚

Behind the Scenes of The Radiance Recharge Women’s Retreat to Bali

A view of one of our villas in the morning before we gathered for circle time,
emotional healing & transformation!
Beach day!
The beautiful Padang-Padang beach (which means “Grace-Grace”)
— famous from Eat, Pray, Love!
Sunshine and beauty at Padang-Padang!
This was our day of “Release” – water is such a healer of thing that need to be released!
Magic moments with the kiddos at Jodie O’Shea’s Orphanage
as some of the ladies read to them. This visit happened towards the end of the retreat,
practicing the Radiant Self Care philosophy of filling your own cup FIRST,
then giving back ๐Ÿ™‚
With one of the older kids at Jodie O’Shea’s Orphanage,
12-year-old Irene (3rd from right) and the orphanage’s nanny at Hypermart!
A portion of each retreat attendees investment went to this shopping trip
in order to stock the orphanage with food and supplies. Such an honor!
A glimpse into the fabulous market right next door to our villas!
We all stocked up on jewelry, beautiful handmade wood carvings
and gorgeous flowy dresses with beautiful bright colored patterns!
And yep, nearly everything can be bargained down to $10 or less USD!
(if you have the energy to haggle – I usually don’t!)
Spa day!
The beautiful flower bath, homemade delicious ginger tea
with honey and coconut cookies – divine!

Behind the Scenes of my Personal Vacation Post-Retreat

Hello Gili Trawangan! This is an island off of Bali…beautiful, right?!


There are no cars on Gili T! So peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚ Need a taxi? This is it!


This is what I spent the day doing the first day – not bad, eh?
And the horrific sunburn was totally worth it! LOL
Gili T kinda reminded me of my hometown of Vegas, with it’s drink/food service,
except HELLO, I’ll take this view over the hotel pool any day!ย Yes, I’ll take another mojito please (this one was a fresh coconut mojito)ย Oh, and look at this cool shell that I found on the beach ๐Ÿ™‚
My second day I ventured out on bike!

The entire island takes 2 hours to walk around, so if you wanna get around the entire thing in less time this is your option! I swear, it was not like “riding a bike” at first. LOL. I nearly crashed into horse carriages, people, other bikers and even a herd of cows crossing the street!


Last night on Gili T with my dear friend, Angie, one of the retreat ladies!

Isn’t this drift wood cool? P.S. A chick from Texas was taking the photos…if you go to Bali you’ll discover that Americans are actually a rarity to see!


Sunset photoshoot ๐Ÿ™‚


And finally, sunrise on our last morning before heading back home…bye-bye Bali ๐Ÿ™


I hope you all enjoyed the “behind-the-scenes” photos!

It was a ton of fun for me to share…and please, if you have any questions about Bali, what it’s like to travel there or what went on at The Radiance Recharge, I’m happy to answer! Just comment below and ask away.

Until then, I’ve missed you all and am excited to hear how you have been over these past weeks (has it really been nearly a month?!)

I would love to hear how you are and what happened in your life while I was away, either by commenting belowย and sharing, or letting me know over in the Facebook group (I’m finally getting back on social media!)

To Your Radiance,
jess e-sig


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