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OMG, the time is here…this has been in the works for a while so I’m SO stoked to share with you the coming changes over here at and what it means for YOU!

Are you ready? Yay!

Seriously…this is huge news (feels bigger than when I left my corporate job), so if you’re curious, it’s well worth it to watch the video below and find out what I’ve got up my sleeve for you! Or, if you’d rather read the announcement, you’ll find it in text below 🙂

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Today, I’ve got a HUGE announcement to make. I’m super excited, but also pretty terrified because for me it feels slightly like coming out of the closet – like even bigger news than when I left my corporate job!

But before we get to that announcement, now that I’ve got you all curious, I’d love to give you some background information to really paint the picture of what is coming and what it means for you.

For the past 5 years I’ve done my best to bring you tips, strategies and support to shift from living by everyone else’s standards and instead, do what you really, really want.

I’ve shared with you how to shed the “shoulds” and discover your deepest desires by incorporating regular Me Time and living a life filled with Radiant Self Care so that ultimately you can move forward with YOUR Big Meaningful Dream.

Together, we’ve found new ways of pleasure with my #21DaysofPleasure Challenge, learned from experts in all forms of self care during The Me Time Movement Summit, Awakened Your Bliss and so much more.

It’s been a truly beautiful ride and my greatest joy has been seeing our community and especially my private clients rapidly transform their lives by putting themselves FIRST, both in Bali on The Radiance Recharge retreat and in my 6-month program Her Radiance Revealed, which helped women integrate self care WITH success. 

At the same time, with all the joy that it’s brought me being able to serve you all with my self care knowledge and support, just recently something has been a little off….

You know those moments when you can feel your life shifting, but you’re not really sure what it is? You maybe just start to feel a little unfulfilled, less energized and on purpose?

I began tapping into my deepest desires and really getting curious as to WHY self care is really pivotal in my life. Sure, it has GREATLY supported me in bulletproofing my health (I haven’t been sick or had allergies in 4 years), it has also supported me in going after my dreams – becoming a coach, quitting my corporate job, taking women for a transformational retreat to Bali – but there is one specific area that it has benefitted me on a soul level…

Wanna know what that is?


When I think of what’s most important to me in life – yes I want to leave the world a little brighter with my work, I want to travel the world and experience all of life’s pleasures….but ultimately, my deepest desire is LOVE.

So when I started to think of my own self care journey….my big WHY behind the importance of self care – health and business seemed so minutely important compared to the benefit that self care has had in my love life, my self worth and my ability to attract deep meaningful relationships with men who match my ambitions and desires.

For me, there has been nothing more fulfilling than these partnerships.

I know many of you are out there making moves in the world, experiencing business success…but at the end of the day you come home, pour yourself a glass of wine and you feel completely lonely. I’ve been there too….and it’s the greatest pain I’ve ever felt.

So here’s the great news…my BIG announcement is…

I am now going to be supporting single women in effortlessly attracting men who match their ambitions and desires….so that they go from being lonely to in love!!

I have been studying male and female dynamics for the past three years – from communication to sexuality and attraction and SO much more. And I can’t WAIT to begin sharing what I’ve learned with you…

Maybe you’re frustrated and tired of dating…
Or you keep attracting the wrong guy…
Or you feel like you have to shrink your ambitions just to get him to like you…

The awesome thing is that you don’t have to wait long to begin learning how to go from Lonely to Love and effortlessly attract a guy who can “handle” you…I am hosting a LIVE workshop coming up in a few days here in Las Vegas, so if you are here, and you are a single ambitious woman ready to attract your man, I would LOVE to see you….space is really limited so make sure to grab your free seat today by going here:

And, if you aren’t in Las Vegas, don’t you worry….stay tuned very soon because I have something special coming for you as well so that you can learn how to effortlessly attract a man who matches your ambitions and desires.

I am SO thrilled to be offering those of you who are ambitious single women with my expert relationship support…and I hope you are just as excited as I am! And of course…self care will still be a HUGE part of what I bring to you since in order to attract the partner who matches you, you’ve got to be the best version of you.

Maybe you’re not so thrilled about this change at and if that’s the case..totally cool! I want to make sure you know how you’ve touched my heart just by being in my community and I adore and love you and wish the best for you in life!

For those of you who are already in relationship – maybe you have a partner or are married – you will also get a ton of value if you stick around to learn what I’ll be sharing on masculine/feminine dynamics, attraction, communication and more for sustaining a deep, loving relationship!

Alrighty, that’s it! That’s my BIG news and why it matters to you….would love to hear what you think in the comments below…I love you all, and if you want to go From Lonely to Love, join my upcoming webinar. Or, if you are in Vegas, I hope to see you at my workshop very soon!

To Your Radiance,

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