I know heartbreak isn’t easy. Let’s heal your heart…together.

Your heart hurts.

The end of the relationship has left you feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

You’re confused. You feel unloveable. Alone.

You really, truly, genuinely have the BIGGEST HEART.
The deepest gift of love is inside of your soul.

Will this sadness ever end?

I can help you powerfully move through your heartbreak so that you get your life back and stay open to love again.

Get support now!

I help support you to:

  • Heal your heart so that you find forgiveness of yourself and relationships that have caused you pain and let go of the heaviness, sadness, and grief weighing you down from moving forward
  • Discover your deepest desires (unapologetically) so that you re-discover what matters to you in life and love and are 100% confident that you deserve it
  • Own your full range of feminine power so that you feel like yourself again and are empowered to let go and feel more Playful, Fierce & Sexy than ever before! (without fear of being unloveable)

If you are ready to feel like yourself again and stop letting this heartbreak drag you down, I’d love to speak with you!

My private coaching sessions are $500 per hour. However, I believe so much in supporting women who are dedicated to healing their heart, that your first session with me is complimentary!

Complimentary Radiant Heart Healing Call

During this 60 minute call, I will help you get crystal clear about where you are in regards to heartbreak, where you want to be, and I’ll give you some powerful secrets to get you closer to healing your heart so that you can stay open to the possibility of love again.

At the end of the session, I’ll take a few minutes to check in with you about whether continuing to work together would serve you.

I’m excited to learn more about you, your tender heart and how I might be able to support you!

If this feels good to you…apply now! (spots are limited and go fast)

Apply now!

Women who have worked with me in the past have said...


“I’ve been single for 3 years…this one simple change in perspective was the catalyst that helped me open up and discover a deeper connection with a friend [man] I already love!”

"I decided to focus on one piece of information you shared and see what happens….we [me and a guy I’d been noticing on Facebook] met up and had an OUTSTANDING time talking, dancing, sharing and hugging. That night he insisted that we schedule another date. This was 2 weeks ago and since then we've gone on 6 Play Dates! He calls and texts me every day, communicates so openly and clearly, and showers me with the Love Languages that I speak best! And on Saturday I worked a double and, halfway through my shifts, he brought me a homemade dinner and massaged my feet! Opening up to so much LOVE is quite the experience!! I've been single for 3 years. During that time I haven't been on any "dates", nor have I had interest in the types of men I was attracting. This one simple change in perspective was the catalyst that helped me open up and discover a deeper connection with a friend I already love. I don't know what the future holds for this new relationship, however, I feel confident in the reminder that it IS possible to achieve." ~ Kayla McLeod


"What a great opportunity for me to get clear and move forward with grace and ease."

"First off, I love Jessica, and therefore, it was especially special to spend time each week talking to her about ME. Second, I was in the beginning of making some very important decisions and, in retrospect, it’s amazing how much clearer I am now than I was when we started. Third, having Jess to help me focus on my goals was very helpful. And fourth, but I’m sure there are many other benefits, in our first phone call I felt like I was so scattered and all over the place, and Jess was able to summarize for me what my goals were. That really set the stage for some intense and speedy work together. What a great opportunity for me to get clear and move forward with grace and ease. If you are a little confused about how you might use her services, don’t worry, working with Jess will help you get clear." Nancy Faye, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Hypnotherapist