can you really have it all?

Do you wish you could have it ALL?

Nearly EVERY woman I’ve ever spoken to or coached in self care has had her own version of the white-picket fence, gorgeous house, dog, 2 kids, amazing loving husband and fulfilling career.

And nearly every one of these women think that they are crazy for wanting this. “Who am I kidding, having all of this seems unreal…a lot to ask for,” they say.

If you agree with these women, I’m hoping that my email today will shift something deep in your soul and turn your non-believing whispers into full-out pro-believing cheers.


A while ago I was at an event, listening to a panel of high-powered female leaders and executives. Sometime during the discussion, one of them looked confidently at the audience and said something along the lines of…

“You can’t have it all, ladies.  You just can’t.”

W.T.F?!! < —- that was my reaction.

Then, to add to my appall, the other panelists seemed to collectively agree, and this theme was carried throughout the rest of the discussion.

I don’t think a comment at an event has ever irked me more.  I wanted to get up and go all ghetto white girl on them…”ohhhh hell nah, I know you di’innnnnn’t.”

Frankly, not only did this comment piss me off, it made my heart hurt.

Look, I totally get that life is overwhelming, it feels like too much, there are SO many to-dos…this is VERY real for all of us.  But it doesn’t have to mean that we can’t have it ALL.  That we must choose one thing that makes our heart sing over another. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t have success while also fulfilling those dreams of a beautiful family, peace, happiness and love.

What I wanted to scream, after hearing that comment was:

Anything is possible, you CAN have it ALL…if you find your sweet spot of what ALL means to you, and then lace your lifestyle with delicious, Radiant Self Care to support your body, mind and soul in having it ALL.

With the right type of Self Care, anything is possible.

While I say that so confidently (it’s how I’ve managed to live the life I do), it isn’t always easy. 


Lately I’ve been questioning my own philosophy of having it ALL with the introduction of my man, Harnaik, in my life.

Jess and her sweetie

See, his love language is quality time. And we’re 600 miles apart.

At the beginning of our relationship, he asked if it would be alright that we see each other every 2 week. Wow! How amazing that he’s willing to see me so often, I thought. But this has proven to be a challenge for me.

I’ve been having fears that Bali won’t be everything it’s meant to be because we’re spending time together during weekends that I’d usually be dedicating to my business (I work full time during the week).

I’ve been scared that my webinars will suck, my emails will be boring, I won’t have the space I need to support women on the calls to explore Bali, my energy will suffer, I’ll fail miserably, the world will come crashing down and I’ll drop into a major depression.

I freaked out and basically told Harnaik that I wasn’t sure I could live up to our agreement to see each other so often.  I couldn’t do it ALL.

Knowing that fear was getting the best of me, I created time dedicated to my own Radiant Self Care. 

I went to the spa.
Cuddled up with a hot cup of tea and just my intimate thoughts.
Watched the Super Soul Sunday with Amy Purdy.

And then totally bawled my eyes out because I was deeply touched by Amy’s zest for life – here is this woman who has it ALL and she doesn’t even have her two legs!

I was re-inspired by my own philosophy.

I CAN have it ALL – I can have a super successful Bali retreat and thriving business AND I can have a meaningful, loving time with my amazing boyfriend.

This is my sweet spot of ALL.  Anything else can fall to the way-side right now, because I’m keeping my focus on my ALL.

The best part? Harnaik is totally down to support me in this.  I’m going to San Francisco today to be with him and see his place (for the first time!) AND I’ve scheduled calls with women to explore Bali while I’m there too. WOOT!

**In Bali!**

Do you want it ALL? Though my Radiant Self Care coaching, we’ll be doing a lot of revealing your secret needs, wants, desires and dreams during The Radiance Recharge.  Bali might just be your place to discover how you can have it ALL…no matter what.

Thought you guys might want to see a picture of one of our beautiful villas (see below)! Pretty freakin’ awesome, right? Now THAT’s having it ALL 🙂

Bali retreat villa!

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of going to Bali, send me an email with the subject line “I WANT IT ALL” to  When I receive your email, I’ll send you a short application. Don’t hesitate, just hit reply if you feel inspired <3

To Your Radiance,

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