Do you ever feel alone? Meet these 2 women joining me in Bali!

Do you ever feel alone?

In your feelings and emotions.

In the situation you are going through (or suffering through).

In your worries.  Your pain.  And even…in your joy?

Sometimes it can feel like we don’t have anyone who understands us.  Someone who relates.  Someone who can just listen to our struggles AND celebrate our happiness.

That’s why I’m BEYOND thrilled to introduce you to 2 of the women who are joining me in Bali!!!

These ladies are gonna…Blow. Your. Mind.

They were so vulnerable in sharing their stories, where they are at in their lives, what prompted them to finally take the leap to join me in Bali for The Radiance Recharge (and even some of the hesitations they had in making that big leap!)

I know you will be inspired by them.  And my wish is that you feel like you aren’t alone after listening to their shares.

Meet Jennifer & LaRissa by watching their video HERE:
Meet Jennifer & LaRissa - 2 women coming to Bali!

If you are inspired after hearing from Jennifer & LaRissa, and feeling like Bali might be right for you, don’t hesitate. It’s not too late.  Reach out to me by sending me an email to with the subject line “VULNERABLE.” I will send you a quick “Bali Bliss Plan Application” to begin the process of exploring Bali for you.

You don’t have to do life alone 🙂 

To Your Radiance,

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