do you feel locked out of your own life?

We had just finished watching the beaming sun rise above the ponderosa pines.

I snuggled into his neck as he attempted to “pepper our conversation with sweet kisses” (his words, not mine…LOL), once again…with me giggling hysterically because we had just discussed how I looked like Rudolph from the constant rub against his stubble.

In a mad dash to escape my new delicious man (just for a moment), I got up to refill my coffee.

But as my hand tried to turn the knob on the door to get inside the house, I realized….


It was locked.

I looked at Harnaik and immediately both of our natural problem-solver minds kicked into action.

Is the front door open?

Can we get into the window?

I stood on a chair, peeping inside the house, straining to look at the piece of paper almost perfectly placed in view on the entry-way table. It had the code to the lock box on the door.  Dang, if only I had Cyclops eyes right now.

As Harnaik considered breaking a window with a rock, I remembered that the code wouldn’t work anyway, we had dead-bolted both doors.


Then, our concern went to a bigger problem.

We had pumpkin porridge cooking at full speed on the stove.

Double DAYUM.

We were out of solutions, and surely soon would be kicked out of Zion forever and labeled the “Lovesick Pumpkin Porridge Arsonists.” Definitely not a title I wanted to own.

On a more serious note, in that moment, I felt helpless.
Locked outside.  A peeping tom into a house that we had occupied for two days.

It was like feeling locked outside of my life.

When’s the last time YOU felt locked out of your own life?

We walked about a mile, in our socks, taking turns repeating “Thank GOD we have clothes and socks on!” Then, miraculously ran into a huge family of visitors (the only people we came across the entire way!). They were on their way out of the resort and offered to let us borrow their phone so we could call the “emergency” number labeled on the locked resort concierge door. (Great, another instance of being locked out, unable to help ourselves).

While this situation actually ended okay (thankfully), with us being handed a brand new set of keys to the house, I had an ah-ha moment…

…it wasn’t until recently that I’ve really felt I’ve been handed the keys to my own life.

Through massive amounts of Radiant Self Care, investing in a coach for myself to support my dreams and attending a magical women’s retreat in Peru,

I’ve finally opened my hands to receive the keys to my destiny. 

Will you open your hands to your own destiny so that you aren’t stuck locked outside of your life?

If your heart is screaming “YES!,” consider responding to this email to explore the possibility of coming with me on the journey of a lifetime to Bali for The Radiance Recharge.

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The door to your destiny is waiting.   

To Your Radiance,

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