do you feel wrong looking sexy?

I almost didn’t write this blog…well, because I felt like it might be “wrong” to talk about how we as women feel “wrong” looking sexy.

Ironic, right?

For most of my life, sexy and I were not friends.
She totally freaked me out.

If I was friends with sexy, I would be cheap, slutty…total hooker status.

Um, no thanks.  I’m cute and classy.


But then the longing came. 
To be….er, sexy.
To be seen.
To embrace all of my feminine radiance.

Eeek….how scary.
How wrong.
Sexy felt dirty.

But she still whispered in my ear.

So last year, in October, I finally answered the call, beginning with dressing up like a mermaid for a photoshoot in Oahu.

Have you felt this whisper from sexy as well?


As a society we’ve created such a stereotype around what sexy is and what it is not.

But what are, pray tell, we if we aren’t sexy?

Sexy is a state of mind.  An inner beauty that radiates outward and shines its light – your light – into the world, allowing you to feel confident, powerful and at peace with your natural sexual state (hello, we ARE sexual beings) so ultimately…you can begin living the life YOU want to live.

Sexy IS Radiant Self Care.

It demands respect.  It begs to be noticed.  First, and foremost, by you.  You are the keeper of the light.  The keeper of your own sexy.

So I ask you, what feels sexy to you?

For me, sexy is…

…form-fitted bright colored dresses,
strappy hooker heels,
big hair and red lips.

But it’s also…

…a makeup-less Monday,
fresh green juice kissing my tongue,
soft stretchy sweatpants and oversized knitted sweaters.

Sexy is an inside and outside job.  We need both.


This is why I’m SO freakin’ excited to be hosting the Her Radiance Revealed Webinar this Saturday, “Healthy Living Strategies to Look and Feel Like You’re in Bali (or on vacation!).”

I’m jamming with Adria DeCorte, who is brilliant at providing insight to how women can nurture themselves from the inside out with healthy, beautiful food…which leads to helping us feel sexy!

Take a step towards looking and feeling Blissful-Bali-Sexy in your own skin by joining us at 10 a.m. PT this Saturday, Feb. 28, will you?

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To Your Sexy Radiance,

jess e-sig


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