feeling overwhelmed yet?

Has your 2015 taken off as quickly as mine has?! I can’t believe we’re already going into the 3rd week of January – wowzers!
Between Fill Your Cup Friday (happening again Friday, Jan. 30!) and Self Care Saturday events, Her Radiance Revealed webinars, Radiance Breakthrough calls with women to explore the possibility of Bali, AND my work full time at the airline, there are DEFINITELY moments when I feel completely overwhelmed.
Thank GOD I’ve developed a Radiant Self Care practice for myself to make it through these times with a little more grace and love for my body, mind and soul.
If you’re like me, you’ve got loads you want to do this year.  But just the thought of these things can be overwhelming…or worse – downright stressful.
So, to help you sort out your busy schedule while still maintaining a sense of peace, I’m sharing my #1 Radiant Self Care tip that helps me continue to do it ALL (without the overwhelm).
Seriously, this tip is a no brainer but something most of us don’t do.
I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and it saves my tush from overwhelm every time.
Here goes…
Put everything in the calendar on your phone. EVERYTHING.
I’ve got this system down pat.
Check out my general guidelines for stress-free scheduling to manage your busy life, avoid overwhelm & still do it ALL >>>
I’m off to get-in some Radiant Self Care – yoga!
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