Feminine Archetype 1 of 3 – Playful Child

I’ve discovered 3 goddesses within me – Feminine Power Archetypes – that are essential to awaken and embrace if we are to connect to our full range of feminine expression and attract the Big Meaningful Love (and man!) we deserve.

These Feminine Archetypes are within all of us.

The problem is, that many times we aren’t aware of these various sides of our feminine self that are key ingredients in attracting love.

We suppress them. Or, we overuse them. Either way, when they are out of balance it can create obstacles such as attracting the wrong man, spending tireless hours dating (to where it feels like work) or sadly even blocking/repelling men altogether.

My goal is to share with you these 3 Feminine Power Archetypes so that you can activate all parts of yourself and learn how these “super attraction powers” can help, versus hurt you along your journey From Lonely to Love.

So today, I’d like to introduce you to Feminine Archetype #1! Along with new photos revealed from my San Francisco photoshoot!

Meet your…

Playful Child

feminine archetype playful child

She’s open. Ready to receive. Inviting. No reservations.

playful child feminine archetype

Uninhibited. Trusting. Curious. Full of life and joy.

feminine archetype playful child

Giddy. Full of giggles, smiles and silliness.

Oh yes, my Playful Child loves to wear bright pink dresses, sparkly jewelry and blingy shoes – total princess! LOL.


While we all possess these 3 Feminine Power Archetypes, we tend to lean towards only embracing the one that we feel we “should” embody. This prevents us from attracting the love we desire.

We identify heavily with one archetype, disassociate entirely from another, and the third, well…we just kinda let her take up space but never embrace or deny her.

This is a problem because it limits not only our full range of expression, but it leaves us feeling unfulfilled and misunderstood by men. How can we attract the RIGHT partner for us when we aren’t fully showing who we are?

When ALL 3 Feminine Power Archetypes are embraced, we have access to the full range of feminine power within us! We show up fully as our true self. This is empowering for us as women, and very attractive to the right man who will adore us for who we really ARE!


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Now it’s your turn…

What are some words to describe your Playful Child?

I can’t wait to hear! 🙂 Comment below…

To Your Radiance,

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Beautiful photos by: In Her Image Photography


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