Fierce Feminine – Friend or Foe?

She rises up.
She boils with emotions.

Deeply. Passionately. Unapologetically.

Erupting a volcano inside of her.

This is your Fierce Feminine.

And she is so needed.

To stand up for what feels wrong.
To protect her child, her community, her loved ones.

To keep moving forward in the name of love…even when others have given up.
To reach for the highest peaks of what SHE desires.

Our Fierce Feminine is the fuel that propels us towards our Big Meaningful Dreams.

Yes, she is so needed.  Yet, she is so feared…

Because she is:


I ignored my Fierce Feminine.

And sometimes still do.

I’m growing to understand her, to embrace her wildness, her anger, her despair.  Her fire that feels so hot, I’m afraid to be burned…

Here are photos of me accessing my Fierce Feminine during an exercise my coach walked me through…let me tell you…I felt a bit crazy, but once my Fierce Feminine took over, it was liberating.  She wanted to be seen.  She had a bedazzled gun (I don’t even like guns!). She shot birds because the explosion of feathers was so beautiful (What?!). She had big black magnificent wings and she was hunting…for love.   




This FIRE inside our Fierce Feminine is so stunningly beautiful.

It’s the Inner Radiant Light inside us…and as women, if we don’t let that Radiant Light burn with a fierceness…our power will die.

See, what I’m noticing along this Radiant Self Care journey is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves as women is to embrace our extremes.


And when we embrace these untouched places, these emotions that are so shunned by society, and shunned by US, we will begin to understand that all parts of us are beautiful.

All parts of us are wanting to be felt.

Only after we feel these parts, welcoming our Fierce Feminine to take a stand inside of us, will we truly be able to experience what we are all longing for…


It starts from within, my loves. 

So….is your Fierce Feminine a Friend or a Foe?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig


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