How to create a sustainable self-care routine

Flow is such a hot buzz word right now.

In the flow.
Just flow with it.
Go with the flow.

Since being in Hawaii on my Solo Bliss Trip, I’ve acquired an even deeper understanding of what being in the flow means for busy women who want to create a lifestyle that incorporates regular self-care.

The first night I was in Hawaii, I took a stroll along the beach.

My foot softly landed on the sand.
The breeze kissed my face and back.
And a gentle wave caressed my toes.

Another step.

My foot softly landed on the sand.
The breeze kissed my face and back.
A playful wave nipped my toes.

Another step.

My foot softly landed on the sand.
The breeze kissed my face and back.
A feisty wave come out of nowhere and totally soaked my legs and dress, jumping so high it even left its drops of dew on my ass.

The ocean waves are predictable, yet not predictable.
They wash into the shore.  They wash out of the shore.  Again, and again, and again.
This is certain, and very predictable.
Yet, within this predictability there is play, spontaneity, fun, dancing and unpredictable delight!

This was my revelation!

I stood there soaked, fascinated at the jumping wave that seemed to explode from the shore, just to surprise me.

Successful self-care – the kind that REALLY reduces stress, brings you bliss and allows you to live a lifestyle where you can do it ALL – is like an ocean wave.

It has structure (a masculine characteristic), but  it also has play (a feminine characteristic).

North Shore Hawaii
North Shore of Oahu – I took this after swimming in the Waimea Falls waterfall

In other words, it has some routine (the structure) and some flow (play).

Most women forget about play and flow and naturally create a ridged self-care routine.  For example: “I must do yoga every single day for 60 minutes and I know the exact same poses I’m going to do.”

If the masculine and feminine reference is confusing to you, no worries.

The important thing about having both structure AND flow is this:

When you have both, you’re more likely to keep up a self-care centered lifestyle.  You’ll actually incorporate more self-care into your life because the structure keeps is safe and familiar (which we like as humans) and the flow keeps it interesting so we don’t get bored (which we often do –I get bored VERY easily!)

Here’s a few questions that I ask my coaching clients when we are first exploring options for their unique self-care plan.  Walk yourself through them to get a deeper understanding of how you can incorporate structure and flow (masculine and feminine characteristics) into your self-care routine.

Incorporating Structure and Flow into Your Self-Care Plan

  1. What is one self-care activity that you can do every day that takes 1 minute or less?
  2. What is one self-care activity that you can do every week that takes 30 minutes or less?
  3. How can you have fun with these activities so that they are predictable (the routine), yet not predictable (the play)?

Examples of my self-care activities:

1 minute or less daily self-care activity – mine is a daily prayer in the shower that I’ve been saying for two years now.

30 minute or less weekly self-care activity – mine is taking a bath.

How I keep the routine, but incorporate play:

My daily prayer always changes.  I place my palms upward in a receiving position then speak out loud whatever comes to me.  It’s similar to what I say every day, yet different.

My weekly bath is rarely the same! I always incorporate Epsom salt, yet I use different essential oils and crystals based upon what feeling I’d like to create during my bath time.  I also do different breathing techniques, mantras and leg positions based upon what I feel inspired to do.  It sounds weird, but my baths are totally healing and a HUGE part of my regular sacred self-care!

Now that you have my examples, what self-care activities can you start exploring?
Or, if you have current self-care activities, how can you incorporate flow into them so you keep them spontaneous and playful?

Want help with ideas to begin creating a self-care plan now?

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In Legit Love,

Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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