How to feel sexy and feminine…even when it feels silly

Hello lovelies!

Today I’ve got a really yummy surprise for you…a few photos from MY goddess photoshoot at The Radiance Recharge retreat in Bali.

The thing is…these photos are going to reveal the beginning of BIG changes coming VERY soon over here at In fact, there’s going to be a video (click here to watch that video)!

Okay…back to the photoshoot in Bali…

Yep, even though I lead the retreat, you bet I fulfill my own desires while doing a photoshoot along with the ladies! They are so fun for me!

But…photoshoots didn’t always used to be fun for me.

I remember my first photoshoots way back in the day. It was hard to play. Hard to be “sexy” or serious. All I could basically do was smile. I felt stupid and uncomfortable doing anything else. I thought this was just me being me…but actually, it was me having a hard time tapping into all the feminine archetypes: Radiant Rebel, Playful Child & Sexy Feminine.

With the deep self care work I’ve done, including shedding that I “should” just be the straight forward “nice” girl…I am now proud to say that I have a TON OF FUN expressing alllll the many sides of Jess during photoshoots! And, I inspire the gals who come to Bali with me to do the same (it’s nothing less that amazing feminine power being unleashed!)

Give yourself permission to express your full feminine range! {click to tweet}

This year…I wanted to really challenge myself and tap into my Sexy Feminine. This tends to be the hardest for me!

But with the changes in my world coming very soon…I know how important it is that I continue to fully express all the 3 Feminine Archetypes (here’s the video announcing the changes!)

So…without further adieu, here are some photos of me revealing my Sexy Feminine in Bali!!!

sexy feminine relationship coach

sexy feminine relationship coach

sexy feminine Las Vegas relationship coach

sexy feminine black and white photo Jess Tomlinson relationship coach

sexy vixen in the bedroom Jess Tomlinson relationship coach

playful women in bedroom Jess Tomlinson relationship coach

sexy feminine bedroom gaze head back Jess Tomlinson relationship coach

sexy beach photo Jess Tomlinson Bali relationship coach

sexy beach photo bali Jess Tomlinson relationship coach

love relationship coach Jess Tomlinson

I hope you enjoyed the photos!! This last one (above) is a BIG tease/hint to the changes coming & what I’ve got in store for you moving forward! 😉 (the changes have been announced here)

Now it’s YOUR turn…here’s a fun challenge to embody your Sexy Feminine, if you’re game:

Pick one of the following…

  1. Take a selfie…don’t smile, but look at the camera imagining someone you ADORE is on the other side. Really allow the love to shine through your eyes! (BONUS: Post this photo & tag me on Instagram so I can cheer you on! My IG account is: @legitlovejess)
  2. Wear something slightly “sexier” than you normally would out in public. Release the thought “I should dress decently/properly/conservatively/etc.” and just put on an outfit that has YOU lit up and feeling divine!


Now…I would love to hear…

Did you choose to take the Sexy Feminine Challenge? If so, are you doing No. 1 or 2?

Comment below! 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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