How to move past analysis paralysis

How many times have you felt a longing, a desire to do something…yet, the more you thought about it, the more reasons you conjured up to support an argument as why you “shouldn’t” do it?

I’ve been through this many times, from something as simple as desiring to go get a massage, then convincing myself that I shouldn’t need one because I just got one last week, or that the money could be used for something more “productive,” or that I don’t deserve one because I haven’t accomplished x, y & z.

Analysis paralysis.
Desire killed.

Think of a desire you had this week. It could be something as small as a massage, or as large as a transformational tropical vacation to get-away from it all.

Did you begin to analyze all the reasons why this desire wasn’t really necessary?

For me, analysis shows up in the form of a running loop of “shoulds” in my head.

I shouldn’t fulfill this desire because [insert reason here].

The dangerous part is that these “shoulds” are woven deep within us – a product of expectations we’ve picked up from society, media, friends, family & lovers – and adopted as our own truths.

In other words, these “shoulds” aren’t even really our own.

My list of “shoulds” runs deeps…

I should be super nice all the time.
I should work really, really hard.
I should be flexible.
I should be happy.
I should be frugal.
I should be polite.
I should be quiet.
I should do what everyone else wants me to do.

These “shoulds” serve as ammo to kill our desires.

So what do you do when you get into analysis paralysis?
How do you move through the “shoulds” before they kill your desires?

Use this mantra…

I don’t need a reason, just a DESIRE. {click to tweet}

how to move past analysis paralysis

Remembering that your desire is enough, is empowering.

Our logical mind (our ego) loves a great supporting argument. It’s like a fabulous prosecution attorney with a list of all sort of crazy reasons why your desire is guilty. Your job is to stay in the place of defense. Defend your precious longings.

If you feel a desire, your only argument should be a sassy “My DESIRE is enough.” Look straight at the jury – all your “shoulds” – and say it proud.

This is how we move past the loop of questioning our desires.
It’s how we let go of grasping for reasons, that oftentimes just won’t be there.

And just because you can’t find a reason, doesn’t mean the desire is invalid it just means that we’ve been taught not to validate them.

Your desire is a GPS system, guiding you towards your soul purpose. {click to tweet}

Your desire is shining the light on your Inner Radiance, that is oftentimes stuck in the dark, covered up by “shoulds.”

Follow the light loves…follow your desires…and release the need to have a list of reasons to back them up.

Trust that your desires are enough.


Now it’s your turn…

What is one of your desires that is leading you to experience analysis paralysis?

Share in the comments below – we’re in this together! And sometimes…just by stating your desire, you’ll remove the “should” holding you back 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you!

To Your Radiance,

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