How to take a magical transformational bath

Lately, I feel like the theme of my life has been “Letting Go.”

Maybe you can relate?

You’re going about your life, everything seems peachy keen.
You’re doing your thang-thang.
Spending time with family and friends.
Playing (if you’re living in your Bliss :))

Then, BOOM!

The rug gets torn out from under you.
Shit hits the fan.
Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and the Big Bad Wolf has blown the house down.

This is how I’ve felt lately – a massive life shake-up, if ya know what I mean.

I’ve felt my heart break into a million pieces at the loss of a relationship.
Three of my dear friends are battling cancer.
I’ve felt a lack of success, even after a very successful Sensory EXPLOSION event.
I’ve questioned my business purpose – Am I doing what I was brought on this Earth to do? Am I helping enough? Am I enough?

Life upheaval brings painful transformation.

My guess is, since you’re a part of my community of Legit Lovers, that you are going through some sort of transformation right now too.

Someone close to you is struggling with an illness.
Your heart is throbbing with unbearable pain.
You’ve lost a love one.

All of these are awful, awful things.

AND, all of these present us with new gifts too.
As one of my healers says to me often, “Remember, everything is protection.”

This statement brings me comfort when everything feels like devastation, betrayal and destruction.

During these times of transformation, life can seem hopeless.  But I assure you, with every commitment you make to your own darkness – facing those moments of pain, those seasons of loneliness – is a commitment the Universe is making to your light. 

dark to light bath image

And therein shines an even BRIGHTER light than you’ve ever experienced before.

Don’t believe me? 

Let me share something phenomenal that happened to me this past weekend as I was taking one of my infamous Bliss Baths…

One of my most trusted Self-Love rituals to sustain a lifestyle of Bliss is a long, hot soak in a bath.

Back in the day, I thought I was cool to be taking a bath with just some hot water and a bar of soap.

Now, woahhhhhh mama.  My baths are spiritual soaks.  Purely divine. Bliss Baths.

While these baths are always nourishing to my soul, as I was submerging my bones in the warmth of my latest bath, something happened that had never happened before.

I began to weep.  Cry. Sob.

Then, all sorts of strange noises started coming out of me.  I felt a deep pain swell up inside my chest near my heart, so I sobbed louder, focusing on allowing that pain to come forth.

I didn’t sweep it away or stuff it below the water.  I let her rise up out of me so that she could be seen and ultimately, set free.

More animalistic sounds seeped from my pores.  Releasing.  Freeing.  Feeling.

They weren’t pretty. They weren’t even sexy.  They were wretched, raw and heart-ripping sounds.

Still, I didn’t hold back (sorry, neighbors).

Finally, my breath started to slow.  My heart rate returned to a rhythmic state.

And then, I started to giggle.  Like a child I blubbered with fits of laughter.

For a second, I felt a bit crazy.

With the laughter came moments of epiphany.  Clarity about my life, my business, my relationships.

I could see the path from where I’d been and how it was purposefully, beautifully set up for the journey ahead of me.

I was able to see outside of my “little” self and embrace my “big” self – the me without the ego,  the God me.

It’s almost as if I had a birthing experience right there in the tub. 

A transformation had occurred.

As I dragged my emotionally exhausted body from the tub, I knew something magical had occurred and I had to share it with you all.

See, here’s the thing.  I created a powerful ritual before I even stepped into the bath. 

It’s something that I’m becoming really good at, which is one of the reasons why I started selling Custom Bliss Plans recently. They help women release what’s holding them back and move forward in creating a lifestyle of Bliss using fun tools.
These plans come with self-Bliss Plan_social media imagelove rituals designed just for you, complete with specific essential oils, healing crystals, feng shui tips, colors and transformational mantras, based upon what you need most in your life in order to feel Bliss. You answer 5 simple questions, and I create your unique Bliss Plan – BAM! Or shall I say, abra cadabra? 🙂

So, if you need to let go.  If you need a mini soul transformation, pronto, you might want to consider grabbing a Custom Bliss Plan.

I won’t be creating them for this low of a price for long because people are getting such great results, so grab yours now.

May your Bliss Plan, and your future baths bring you as much magic and letting go as they have brought me.

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With Loving Hocus Pocus,
Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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