How to trust when things go wrong

You know that saying, when it rains it pours?

It sure can feel like that sometimes.

You stub your toe as soon as you stumble out of bed.
You’re out of almond milk for your granola cereal.
You get a flat tire.
It starts raining.
You forgot to renew your AAA card in order to call the roadside service…

The list goes on and on.

What a day!

When things go wrong, they seem to go terribly wrong.

Massive transformation comes all at once.
The flow of energy must cycle through.
And yes, it feels shitty.

Watch my video below: How to Trust When Shit Hits the Fan

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Plenty of crappy feelings of distrust, angst, and freak-out happened in our group this past weekend, during a women’s retreat to Zion that I organized.

Fifty miles of the I-15 was closed just a few days before our vacation — the main road to Zion from Las Vegas.
Our car got stuck in a ravine of water and mud.
The vacationing neighbors in the house next to ours threatened us and came onto our property while we were in the hot tub.

Plenty of situations that went wrong! Or, did they?…

What if we TRUSTED that is was all going to be okay even in the face of the most challenging adversity?

Watch my quick 4 minute video below that I filmed for you out of inspiration in Zion National Park!

See how we handled these 3 big challenging situations during our vacation and how you can apply trust to your own life to move through a ripple of tough events quickly…

I thought you also might like to see a few pics from my retreat to Zion 🙂 Here’s me on my wild woman mule, Spot, the first night we arrived, taking a sunset ride…

trust the wild horse within

Spot is a free spirit. The wranglers told me she hadn’t been out in a while so she was going to be excited.  And sure enough, she was! I clung tightly to the reigns, attempting to dodge the bushes to prevent them from scratching my legs. But Spot so wildly loved to plow her mouth into these bushes to munch on the leaves, meandering back and forth along the trail going from one bush to the next for some snack time. Meanwhile, the other horses trotted in straight lines. ((Of course I got the wild one! Love it!))

Finally, I learned to loosen my death grip on Spot’s reigns, allowing her to guide the way, building a bond of trust where she was calm enough to actual feel my minor nudges.

As soon as I began allowing, and trusting Spot, she began to listen.

So, what do you do when things go wrong?

As Busy Bold Women, our initial response is to either take charge, or crumble out of utter exhaustion from our already jam-packed day of stuff that isn’t getting done because of all these inconvenient situations.

But what about if we did something different?
Something feminine.
Something that allowed the transformation to take place.
For the angels to come to our rescue.
To let go of trying to control, and instead, receive…

Next time, when you find yourself in a situation that looks like it will involve multiple thunderstorm challenges, take a deep breath, feel the solution just a few seconds away and trust that you are taken care of.

In Total Trust,
Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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How have you been challenged to trust during difficult times in your life?

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