I’m off to San Francisco (and I have my intuition to thank!)

If you would have said my intuition was spot on 5 years ago, I would have looked at you like you were a multi-colored unicorn with two heads.


What the hell is that?

Now, intuition and I have come a lonnnngggg way.  In fact, my intuition is one of my VITAL tools to Radiant Self Care success.

It guides me to know what I need, want and desire, and to choose the right action steps to move forward to fulfill them.

Tonight, I’m jumping on a plane to San Francisco and the sole reason that this trip is happening is because of my intuition, and my coach’s intuition. Nothing more.  Nothing less. Women’s intuition doubled is a POWERFUL thing (if that’s not a reason to gather together with other like-minded women, I don’t know what is).

Here’s what happened…

I had completed a 90 day coaching program with my coach, Christina Morassi (one of the TOP women’s coaches around…seriously, this woman is legit).

We were on the phone reflecting on my progress and considering if I wanted to continue to receive her expert support.

I knew that I wanted to continue with her – it was part of my own Radiant Self Care (the desire to receive my own support, so that I can support women in their Radiant Self Care in an even bigger way).

After we decided that I wanted her support for 6 more months, she blurted something out:

“I feel like we’re supposed to do some work together in person.  I don’t know why I’m feeling this…by maybe you can come to San Francisco?”

For some reason (that I couldn’t logically understand), that sounded good to me too.

Basically, both of our intuitions were aligned – we knew that something magical was going to happen when I flew to San Francisco to work with her.

Fast forward a few months after that decision was made.

I met Harnaik, a sweet, amazing man who just happens to live in….

San Francisco.


Hello intuition, thank you for guiding me to book this trip.  Now I get it!!!!

As I get ready to step on the plane to go be with my love tonight, and do some BIG work with my coach so that I can continue to support all of you in your Radiant Self Care, I ask you this:

Are you tapped into the goldmine that lies in your intuition?

If not, it will be worth it for you to join me and my favorite, fabulous intuitive, Christina Ambubuyog, for this live webinar on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 10 a.m. PT.

If you are already tapped in, come learn some things about your intuition that I guarantee you never knew before.

The powerful, magical gift of intuition can always be strengthened. Chrissy will show us all how, on Saturday.


Can’t make it live? Make sure to still register so you can watch the replay

Excited to see you Saturday!

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig


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