This makes the intense feelings of love worth it

The greatest lesson you will ever learn…is just to love, and be loved in return.

This is how the show “BAZ: Star crossed love” started…and ended. 

I was invited to see it last night on opening night in my hometown of Las Vegas. The show was a compilation of stories and songs from Baz Luhrmann’s greatests: Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby & Romeo and Juliet.

I sat down with my brandy julep cocktail…not quite sure what to expect. Little did I know my world was about to be rocked.

baz palazzo las vegas show

My dear friend, Adria DeCorte & I…before I started crying my head off! LOL

Maybe it was my previous glass of champagne, the brandy julep, or the fact that I was on the anniversary of a great love ended 1 year ago….whatever it was, I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. There were tears in my eyes, streaming down my face.

I watched as the dynamics of love played out in front of me.

The flashy parties of Gatsby…all in hopes of getting his beloved Daisy to come see him.

Champagne popping.
Bottles shaking.
Flapper dresses flapping as bodies flapped with them.

BAZ Palazzo las vegas

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The white wings of Juliet…so pure, so tender with a love that seemed impossible because of Romeo’s last name.


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Masculine power as Montague and Capulet dominated each other.
Flowing white sheets caressing Romeo and Juliet’s skin.
Rebellion…tenderness…innocence…then poison.

The raunchy performance of Satine….while her sweet admirer Christian looked on from afar.

The show must go on…
Her beauty and body to be shared.
Yet her fragility….coming to a crumbling end.

baz palazzo las vegas satine

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The sequins. The sparkles. The lust. The passion. Then eventually….the death of all.

There was a moment when they were singing “Everybody’s Free”….and the lyrics pierced my heart.

Brother and sister will make it through.
Someday a spirit will take you and guide you there.
I know, you’ve been hurting but I’ve been waiting to be there for you.
And I’ll be there just helping you out, whenever I can….
Everybody’s free….
Everybody’s free to feel good.”

Tears streamed down my face.

Because in that moment I really felt how LOVE is FREEDOM.

When I taste love I taste freedom

How in the depths of the process of love…whether it’s heartbreak from having what you can’t have, or longing for what you desire, or the union of two hearts…it truly is the search for freedom. When two hearts collide. When they choose each other. Through struggle, through choice, through death. It’s all freedom. 

The chance to break free from the complexities of life…and for a moment of pure bliss, just be FREE.

This is one of the most delicious flavors of love….FREEDOM.

And without these extreme feelings – really the opposite of freedom – we wouldn’t be able to cut the chains, release the pleasure, when love is finally free!

How lucky are we to be able to experience this?

I felt the power…played out in scenes before me.
Bodies grinding. Hearts hurting. Sex. Tenderness. Passion. Pain.
It was all there. The longing for freedom.

And perhaps this search is our entire reason for the depth of our human emotions. Only love will allow us to express the feelings of being trapped and being free.

The greatest lesson we will ever learn is to love and be loved.

With every inch of our souls. And to be vulnerable enough to open to THAT kind of love. The one that on our death bed we will say YES…I did it! I loved to my full capacity. From head to toe, my entire being resonates with love.

It’s that kind of love that I crave. And I know you do too. You wouldn’t be here, on this Earth, if that weren’t what you desired.

So….in the name of love. And it being our greatest lesson…I invite you to ask yourself:

How can love be your path to freedom?

And maybe that means it will be you pain.
And maybe that means it will be your joy…your ecstasy.
And, maybe it will be beautifully both.

But either way, how can loving and being loved, as Christian says from Moulin Rouge, be the greatest lesson you’ve ever known?

By knowing this, you can experience the greatest emotion ever known to its full capacity….LOVE….and through this, you experience unbridled Freedom.

To Your Radiance,

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