Is love your purpose?


My breath was slow and steady.
Everyone else was doing breath of fire.
In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

But he said if you were menstruating to breathe deep.
Breathe slow.

The night before a full moon.
I had just started my period.
Breathing in all of my emotions.
Breathing out all of my emotions.

This couldn’t get any more close to a raw representation of the divine feminine.

I felt fragile.
Like a tight water balloon ready to pop.

But I continued.  Putting all my trust in the Universe to give me exactly what I needed.

Eventually, after 3 minutes with my arms up in the air, fists clenched and thumbs pointing inward, the tears finally came.

I knew they would.

More. More. More?!
There’s been so much to release.

We opened our eyes – all 60 or so of us in the room. He looked at me with my tear-stained face. I smiled, proud of myself for being vulnerable enough to let it flow.

As he continued his presentation, he handed me the tissue box.

Really? Was I the only one crying? Maybe at first, but eventually that night, I don’t think there was a dry eye left in the room.

Remembering Love

The catalyst for our tears is someone who, before coming to his event that night, I didn’t know much about. All I knew was this one thing: he was all about Love.  The Daily Love, to be specific.

Mastin Kipp, founder of taught me a lot more than how to do breath of fire to help release emotions that night.

He reminded me of my purpose.

Jess & MastinJess reads Mastin's note to make Legit Love happen

Left: Mastin Kipp signing my copy of his book Daily Love: Growing into Grace
Right: Me deciphering his note which said “Make Legit Love Happen!” 🙂


See, lately, I’ve been wondering if Love is enough.
Is the Legit Love Revolution something that people want?
Something that I can continue to be inspired by?

After listening to Mastin’s story, and his wise teachings, I got a gentle wake-up call to remember everything that I already knew.  That I already know.

Yes, love is enough.

Mastin reminded me…

It’s powerful to gather in the name of Love.
And it is so much more than “just love.”
It is REAL, deep, truth-telling, emotion-busting, heart-wrenching self-work.

And, it is SO needed.

Collectively, I don’t care who you are, we ALL need to crack our hearts a little bit more open.

Then a little more.
Then a LOT more.

That night, Mastin helped me remember that I’m not just inspired by Love, I’m fucking passionate about it.

It’s not enough to love yourself

What I loved about Mastin is he drove home a few key points that I think people miss when it comes to doing the “inner work” in the spiritual quest for a life full of Love – it isn’t about drinking your daily green juice, singing kumbaya and calling it good.  Love is so much more than that – as Mastin said, “it’s Grace” – examining each circumstance in our lives and instead of asking why it happened to us, asking what gift it has provided us.

He continued to describe how we can so easily get stuck in “spiritual entertainment” – the tendency to read just about every self-help book under the sun but forget the biggest key in lasting change.  You have to DO something about it.  Take action.  Otherwise, all of that time spent reading and being inspired, well…who freakin’ cares if it’s not ACTUALLY helping you.

Jess and Mastin at Growing Into Grace tour

Jess Tomlinson and Mastin Kipp on his Growing into Grace tour in Las Vegas


Fierce Legit Love

Mastin lit a fire under my Love loving ass.

I was forced to remember what I really stand for.  What Legit Love has always been from the beginning.

Legit Love is a two-step BEHAVIOR:

  1. Loving yourself no matter what through the way you treat yourself and others, nurture your body and express your soul.
  2. Then taking that love and sharing it with the World in a real and tangible way.

My point is we don’t get to Legit Love by simply repeating the mantra: “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself…”

Sure, that helps.  But it doesn’t get you to the juicy place where the deep, beautiful, magical, unconditional love lives.

Facing the pain

To get to that place, the place of full-blown Legit Love, you’ve gotta face some stuff that ain’t so pretty.

All those people you’ve blamed for your lack of love.
All those things that happened “to” you.
All those pains.
And wounds.
And hopes and dreams that were crushed.
The failure.
The feelings…ugh, the feelings you don’t want to look at.

This icky stuff has been pushed down for so long.
If you don’t bring it to the surface, it WILL hold you back from the love that you desire.

From a lifestyle of complete BLISS.

Reminder: this process takes time.  Just like my transformation has been taking time. Let’s be gentle on ourselves and each other. We can do this by providing each other with massive support. Thank god for the women’s group I lead and my own coaches. Good lord, I can’t even fathom the state I’d be in without them!

We aren’t meant to do this Love work alone, people. I beg you, don’t do it alone.

I’m grateful for Mastin for making a stop in Vegas on his Growing into Grace book tour.

>Grab his book, Daily Love: Growing into Grace HERE<

Because of him, I KNOW the Legit Love Revolution is alive.
And because of you – yes YOU, Legit Lover who is reading this – the Legit Love Revolution is real.

Are you IN to make massive change towards Legit Love in your own life?

Let’s get to work, boo.

In Legit Love,

Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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