is timing really EVERYTHING? {story of how I met the guy}

First off – THANK YOU!!

From the bottom of my heart!

So many of you sent me sweet messages in response to my email last week.  I’m so honored to know that I touched some of you by sharing my experience with letting go of love and meeting someone new.

I just got back from my birthday weekend in Zion with my new guy (ahhh, so great to say that!) and it was pretty stinkin’ amazing.

‘Twas nothing short of delicious, fun Radiant Self Care!!

Snuggling by the fireplace, wine in the hot tub while looking up at the galaxy of a bazillion stars (seriously, when there are no lights it’s amazing how many there are!), sunset walks with surprise encounters from groups of deer, oh and getting locked out of our cabin (more on this adventure later!!).

While the time in Zion with my sweetie was divine, we both came to the realization that something else is pretty divine in our relationship – divine timing.

See, as we were chatting on the porch, sipping our coffee, snuggling under a huge comforter watching the sunrise, we realized that neither of us would have been ready for each other if we had met any earlier.

While I tend to think that we can get caught up on the phrase “timing is everything,” allowing it to rule our lives as an excuse that prevents us from going after what we really, really want…

I couldn’t deny that timing has played a huge part in my relationship with this new man (oh, Harnaik is his name 😉

Here’s a picture of us that morning we were watching sunrise…

Me & my new love in Zion *Click Display Image to View*


Here’s the gist of why divine timing played such a huge part in bringing us together:

We both spent the last year working massively on ourselves.
I’m talking deep, inner self work. 

I fell in love with myself through my unique Radiant Self Care practice.
He fell in love with himself through his own form of self care.

I went to Peru for a life-changing women’s retreat.
He moved from the UK to San Francisco.

I spent lots of time alone – at the spa, meditating, in Hawaii on my first solo bliss trip, then in Prague on my first international trip alone.

He spent loads of time alone – in Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon.

I discovered my greatest fear is being alone, without love.
He discovered his greatest fear is not having a deep, meaningful love.

We both released these fears by turning inward and giving ourselves the deep love, acknowledgment and compassion that we were hoping to find in another person.




I was “supposed” to hang with my bestie and god daughter on New Year’s Eve.

But my bestie wasn’t feeling well.

He was “supposed” to go to Seattle (where I’m from!) to hang with his friend.

But his friend wanted to spend some quality time with his wife (good man ;-).

I was going to stay home and journal everything I was letting go of from 2014, and what I desired for 2015.

But I felt lonely, so I posted a message on Facebook to the women’s group I lead, and was invited to go to a gong meditation.

So, I went to the yoga studio for the gong meditation.  With no make-up on.  No bra (ummm yeah, never done that before but I was in a “WTF who cares” mindset 😉 And super mismatchy clothes.

And at the end of the night I connected with Harnaik…because I was talking about Peru! Talk about full circle, right? The women’s retreat in Peru just keeps giving me gifts 🙂

And the rest is history…(or, history in the making, shall I say?)


It’s so amazing, really.  Can you see how divine timing has played a role?

And it’s all because we focused on OURSELVES.
Our own needs.  Our own wants. Our own desires.

Preparing us to share that inner love with each other.

This is the kind of love that Radiant Self Care can create in our lives.

For me, this inner love that has led me to a loving partnership all started because I went on a women’s retreat.

A women’s retreat could do the same for you.

Are you desiring to fall in love with YOU, so that you can fall into the hands of divine timing and receive love in the way that you deserve?

Don’t think about it, just trust the divine timing and send me an email to so we can explore the possibility of you coming on The Radiance Recharge women’s retreat with me to Bali.

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig


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