it’s my birthday – magic has happened :)

This week is my birthday week.  The week last year that I prepared to leave for Peru.

But I haven’t told you the complete truth about Peru.

See, a year ago, my heart was breaking.

The relationship I’d been in for nearly 5 years was coming to a stand-still.

I remember sitting there in the car.
In that thick, dark silence.
Knowing exactly what was being said.

It was time to let go…for good.

Even though I knew it was the end, I still wasn’t ready.

Are we ever ready to let go of a love that shakes us to our very core?

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I set the intention that when I was in Peru on the women’s retreat…
away from him…
…away from it all…

I would let him go and set my heart free.

Did I believe it would actually happen?

Did I want to be set free?

But my heart…she was so tired.

Tired of being half loved.
Tired of feeling that aching pulse.
Tired of longing.
Tired of begging.
Tired of not feeling enough.

And then, something magical happened.


During a plant medicine ceremony in Peru, I was focusing on my breath.  Breathing in all of the air that my lungs, my body, my very being could bear to sustain.  And then I released that breath, with every bit of life force energy I had inside of me.  I released.  And released.  Breathed in.  And out.  In.  And out.  And then…I saw him leave my body.

It was unreal.

Fast forward several months after Peru and the relationship had ended.
My intention had been carried out.

And it was horrible.  And awful.  A bitter sweet symphony of release and regret.

Yet…I.  Was.  Free.

Since Peru, since that relationship has ended, I’ve found a space in between.

A space where, for the first time in 5 years, I have focused solely on ME.

And it was ALL because I created space for myself to get away on the women’s retreat.

To create the life I KNEW I deserved, but was too afraid to ask for.

I’ve expanded.
I’ve cried, more than I’ve ever cried.
I’ve screamed with the fierceness of a weeping woman’s soul.

And yet, I’ve come home to me.

My Radiant Self Care…for the first time…is OFF. THE. HOOK. PHENOMENAL.

Now, here we are, with my birthday happening on Friday (January 23).

And magic has happened – again.

I’ve met someone.  And he’s flying in to see me on my birthday so we can go to Zion (seriously, I’ve wanted so badly to share a relationship with someone who wants to go on adventures with me and it’s been sooo long!). I’m SO excited I can barely stand it! (more about him later 🙂

The magic of it all…

And to think – it all started with a women’s retreat (wow!!).


If there is a calling in your heart to get away from it all, to put yourself first, to release and create the beginnings of magic in your life – I’m calling you.  Gently, but firmly – now is the time.

The Radiance Recharge is singing your name. 

Let’s explore the possibility of you coming to Bali with me and 8 other amazing, big-hearted women at the end of April.  Two spots are already taken, so reach out to me now by replying to this email and we can set-up a time to connect over the phone.

Watch the video

(most women are crying while watching it because it’s so moving!) and then email me at

Here’s to creating magic in YOUR life.  You deserve it. 

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig


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