Legit Transformation 6 Week Private Coaching Journey

Want to raise your own live caterpillars while experiencing real transformation in your life?!

There is plenty more information below, but if your heart is screaming “YES” or even “MAYBE” send me an email at jessica [at] jessicatomlinson [dot] com  to let me know!

From there, we’ll schedule a quick phone chat during which it will be my honor to:

  • walk through the program details with you,
  • answer any questions you have
  • and help you determine if this program is right for you!

(I have NO attachment to your decision.  My only intention is to help you gain clarity on what feels good).

Are you ready to transform pain to PEACE, fear to FREEDOM & loneliness to LOVE by receiving support exactly as you are right now? It’s time…

Dearest butterfly sister,

We are constantly transforming. Most of the time, this transformation is unconscious – we are letting the wave ride us, versus spreading our wings and coasting in the direction we choose.

I know this, because I was there. Like you, I was along for the ride. Pleasing others. Trying to meet the expectations of the world. Forgetting myself. And I had excruciating stomach pains to prove my lack of self love.

Conscious transformation, or Legit Transformation, is the beautiful balance between accepting things the way they are, and choosing conscious transformation in the areas that we want to change to bring about our greatest happiness and love.

This program is for women who are looking to consciously transform. They are already on the path, but are finding themselves stuck, not able to break all the way through.

To emerge from the cocoon is not easy. If you watch a butterfly’s struggle to puncture the beautiful sack that has held them safe during transformation, it’s awe-inspiring. For such fragile beings, they have a lot of fight. They know that the world is waiting for them to expand their wings.

The ugly truth is, not all butterflies persist to enter this world in all their transformational glory. Some of them give up. They stay stuck. In their cocoons, unable to reach the tipping point between fight and flow.

This is that wall that we all hit. We’re almost there, but just need the final courage to reach the other side. To emerge from our cocoons a newer, brighter, better, more loving version of ourselves. This is what Legit Transformation is all about and you don’t have to do it alone if you choose to join me for 6 weeks of private Legit Transformation coaching!

You can emerge as a beautiful butterfly! How do I know? Because I did and I’ve got so many lessons and proven practices to share from my journey of trial and error. In 6 weeks, on Saturday or Sunday, I will take you step-by-step through the process of a butterfly’s transformation (YES, you will watch LIVE caterpillars transform!) to turn pain to PEACE, fear to FREEDOM & loneliness to LOVE…for good!

Don’t wait like I did. Open yourself to receive NOW by emailing me at jessica [at] jessicatomlinson [dot] com with subject line: “Jess, I’m ready for Legit Transformation!” Those beautiful wings are longing to fly!

Let’s experience Legit Transformation together!


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>>Wanna fly? Apply by emailing me now!
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Program Overview:

  • Private coaching program for women who are stressed, finding it hard to do what they want to do with so little hours in the day and are looking for a new journey in life.
  • I’m only taking 10 women max.
  • Weekly activities, exercises and tips to support your transformation process and coincide with the exact same transformation steps that occur in nature:

Week 1: Release

Week 2: Nourishment

Week 3: Courage

Week 4: Surrender

Week 5: Transformation

Week 6: Expansion

  • PLUS! You will receive live caterpillars that you can watch transform, as YOU transform during the program. I’ve raised many butterflies before!  It’s so amazing…here is a picture of some of the stages of my most recent experience:

Legit Transformation LIVE butterfly garden - JessTomlinson.com

>>Wanna fly? Apply by emailing me now!

Or, send me a note from my Contact page.

Shine the color of your own wings

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Here’s what you will receive during our 6 week journey:

  • (6)  One hour Legit Transformation private coaching calls with me
  • Simple strategies to bring more happiness and love into your life
  • Get rid of emotional pain for good
  • Fun guided exercises and visualizations to live the life of your dreams
  • My unconditional, non-judgmental support
  • More time to do what you love without feeling guilty
  • Unlimited access to me via email to help answer any questions throughout your journey (up to 1 week after the program ends)
  • Your personal custom Me Time Master plan including a meal plan, physical activity routine, fun rituals & healing essential oil recommendations
  • Tips & tricks to calm mind chatter and gain courage
  • Simple stress free strategies
  • More acceptance and attention from friends, family, lovers & society
  • Effortless ways to ask for support and get people to willingly help you 

>>Wanna fly? Apply by emailing me now!

Or, send me a note from my Contact page.


And finally, one more peek inside what it’s like experiencing one of my programs…


Now, are you ready to fly, Butterfly?

If you are ready to take a look at your busy life and begin the path to dedicate time to YOUR OWN transformation, this is the program for you!

It’s possible to transform alone, but alongside me you will experience rapid, Legit Transformation, with the unconditional, loving support of sisterhood.

It doesn’t get better than this!


>>Wanna fly? Apply by emailing me now!

Or, send me a note from my Contact page.


I can’t wait to share this experience with you!


Can’t wait? Ready to transform now?!…

Currently, I am only booking weekend sessions, so spots are limited.  Be sure to make your payment AND schedule your sessions using the buttons below.  Sessions are not considered booked until payment and booking time have both been received. Snatch yours up while they still have wings!

Legit Transformation – (6) 1 hour private sessions

Sign-up now and go from living according to everyone else’s perception of you, to true Legit YOU! Package comes with a real grow your own butterfly kit! ($127 per call ; includes cost of caterpillar kit) $797