How to make uncomfortable moves for what you believe – my npr interview on woo-woo alongside Byron Katie

Today I’d like to share with you an interview I did for the NPR branch in Connecticut, WNPR.

Even as I type it, I’m still pinching myself on how this interview came about, and the topic it was on!

See…the thing is, I never would have been a guest on this show if I wouldn’t have created a video that terrified me.

In fact, it made me so nervous to release that I virtually had to shut my eyes and press publish to let people know about it. And as I anticipated, I got some nasty feedback on my stance. 

The video was My Beef With Woo Woo.

No matter what your view of the term “Woo Woo” – the lesson is…

Because I took a strong stance in what I believed and shared the truth in my heart, I was provided an opportunity to reach even MORE people with this message – 240,000 to be exact!

npr interview jess tomlinson woo woo self care


Scroll down and click the listen button to hear the interview – I’m towards the end.

Radiant self care make uncomfortable moves

Being a guest among other notable people, such as the renowned spiritual leader Byron Katie, in the discussion on science versus pseudo-science and how it relates to our healing was truly an honor.   

I could have never made that video.  I could have left it unpublished.  Hidden.  Buried.
A secret whisper of my soul that was too scary to reveal.

People will always have an opposing viewpoint.  But TRUE Radiant Self Care is continuing to make those uncomfortable moves to show up for what you really, really want…and what you believe to be true in your heart.

I hope you’ll stand with me in continuing to grab your Radiance by the hand, and walk forward into the light of your true voice.

What truths are you keeping close to your heart that need to be unleashed?

What might feel like a hard message to share, but in doing so would set you free?

It would be an honor to hear your answers or thoughts on my interview in the comments below 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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