Radiantpreneur Rising Mastermind


A 12 month experience for women entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and their business so they can reveal their true radiance and finally surrender to the fulfillment, fun
& freedom they desire

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You’re not a new biz babe - you’ve learned all the basics of biz building (and more), created transformation for your clients, experienced the highs and lows (cuz you know business is a spiritual path)...you. are. resilient.

...yet you find yourself feeling something is “off” more than usual lately.

If you’re really honest, you’re starting to doubt that you’re on the right path for YOU.

You’re feeling disconnected from yourself and how you are showing up in the world, and who you really are…the woman that you are evolving into.

Life and work is feeling less than thrilling. You’re exhausted.

But there is no way that you are quitting the path - oh hellllllll no!

You were born to make a difference, so you know you need to figure out a solution fast.



You’ve outgrown your business vision, or, your vision isn’t truly aligned with who you really are now and what you really want in life, just who you thought you were supposed to be to build a business.


You felt forced to follow a blueprint - you slayed the system, hustled to create the funnel - and rushed into creating something you didn’t FULLY love, so you’re feeling a bit “bleh” about it all…what happened to having fun?!


You love what you do, you love your clients, but you’ve been feeling unaligned with how you are delivering your work to the world - you’re stretched so thin. At the end of the day, there is no time left for YOU.


You keep telling your friends and family that you will have time soon for that epic vacation, but truthfully, you don’t know when that will happen because it feels like you’re on a hamster wheel of never-ending work and responsibilities.


You feel lonely and isolated - always working and hustling but not feeling connected to yourself or who you are both as a biz babe and a woman.


You know it’s time to do things another way, to create more space and ease, to embody more of your feminine, to honor the whispers of your soul so that you can come home to yourself and the reason you created your business in the first place —> freedom.

Part of you loves dreaming into the possibilities (in those rare moments when you pause to dream) of what needs to shift to create more fulfillment, freedom and fun in your life and biz, but another part of you knows that there is a lot of support, love, self care and boundaries that are going to be required to make it all happen.


It’s time to become the most radiant version of YOU, and to reinvent your life and business so that you can rise and receive what you really really desire!


We start a business not realizing ALL the things we have to do, and that there isn’t just ONE way of doing things. We follow everyone else’s processes thinking it’s THE way to build, and end up feeling overwhelmed and we end up “shoulding” all over ourselves - I should create this, I should be in this niche, people tell me I should help these types of people….should, should, should.

Then years later we look at our lives and think - SHIT - I don’t think I feel fulfilled in my business anymore! WTF should I do?

Then we start to validate things (because we are big-hearted like that)…

…I “should” be happy, I’m doing great work!

…I “should” be grateful, not everyone has the life I do.

…I “should” be lit up, my clients love me.


You CAN have your dream business and the lifestyle that leaves you feeling like your heart, mind and soul are being 100% fully expressed.


...I can’t wait to tell the world about the work I do because I feel so ME when sharing!

...Yes! This sales call is gonna rock because my offer aligns with the lifestyle I want.

...Whoo hoo! I can’t wait for that month-long bliss trip to Bali. S P A C E 🙂

What you really need is a business that is aligned with who you are, and allows space for who you are growing into (not who you used to be or who people told you you are)

This means…reinventing you, so that you can reinvent your business.


It’s been a while since you’ve taken a step back and re-envisioned what you want, what’s possible, but the time is NOW!

There is no question:

You were made to be a Radiantpreneur.

To embody FUN and PLEASURE.


To protect your time and ENERGY.

To be deeply connected to your SPIRITUAL PATH.

To RECEIVE as much as you give.

To have the systems, but to bow down to your INTUITION.

To create a LEGACY that you are proud of.

You want to dive into inner work without putting your business on hold.

You want to go within so that you can understand who you are on a deeper level. Because you know this will impact your business (in a very good way)

You want inner healing, clarity of who you are becoming and to understand what this means for your business.

You know true soulful success is developed from the inside out.

You are open to learning and growing...and it’s time to unravel the pieces of yourself that are preventing you from the fulfillment and freedom you are seeking.

You’re ready to clear it all out...

The things that hold you back from creating the life you want

The mindset that keeps you stuck feeling like it’s never enough

The upper limits that sabotage your soul’s deepest desires

Welcome home to a sisterhood where it is safe to do just that…



Hey, beauty! I’m Jess.

I’ve been doing this business thang for nearly a decade supporting ambitious women in creating  lives and businesses that are aligned with who they really are, and what they truly desire.

I come from a line of hard-working farmers, where I spent my summers working in my grandparents’ cherry orchard, learning that “resting” means you are lazy. This family work-ethic laced with my oldest child people-pleasing nature, gave me some great business skills to get shit done, but it also led me to suffer from stress-related stomach pains.

Thankfully, when I dove into spiritual and self care practices, I realized that I had a bad case of hustling for my worth.

I was bending over backwards for people who weren’t equally filling me up.

I was fitting my business model into a system that felt icky to me, but I thought would be the magic bullet to freedom and fulfillment.

I was trying to be everything to everyone, instead of owning my value and worth and focusing on what really excited me.

When I got to know the real me, I was then able to reinvent my life and business according to what I really wanted (not what others wanted for me).

The stomach pains went away and I have been on an evolutionary journey, bringing my business into alignment with who I am as I continue to change, so that I experience the greatest levels of fulfillment and freedom as possible.

My journey has included being interviewed on NPR alongside spiritually renowned teacher Byron Katie, featured in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine as a top 5 empowered woman entrepreneur, producing three TEDxWomen events and speaking all over the world.

But most of all, I am proud to have created a life and business where I was able to take weeks off to be by my best friend’s side as she left this earth (love you MJ!), travel multiple times a year to places such as Italy, France, Peru, Barcelona, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Fiji and Bali. And I have plenty of time to snuggle with my sweetie, Ben, and go for long walks along the beach in our hometown of Santa Cruz, CA…while feeling ease and space in the work that I do with amazing women entrepreneurs like you.

I want you too, to feel supported in reinventing yourself and your business so that you can experience the freedom and fulfillment you desire (and deserve!)…


An intimate, year-long experience for 12 feminine leaders to finally do things in a way that is aligned with their soul, so that they can receive the fulfillment, fun & freedom that they desire in life and business.

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A life and business that reflects who you are and what you want most!

Phase 1: Release

Before you can reinvent your life and business so that it reflects who you are and what you desire, you’ve got to let go of what hasn’t been serving you. That’s why in this first phase you will go through a powerful process of taking inventory of your life and business up to this point, then determining what you want to let go of so it doesn’t weigh you down any longer. Get ready for a beautiful clean slate and a feeling of lightness and ease!


Phase 2: Reveal

During this phase you will learn to come home to your own truth. You will discover your deepest desires and create the vision for your life and business to be aligned with who you really are and the fulfillment and freedom you crave. We peel back the layers to reveal your radiance - the unique, authentic parts of you and your soul that you may currently be ignoring. You will learn how to love all parts of you (even the ones you push away) so that you feel fully self-expressed and become the woman you want to (and need to) be to fulfill your new vision.

This is a phase that will impact ALL areas of your life - business, health, spirituality and relationships!


Phase 3: Reinvent

Get ready to make tangible changes that will have a delicious impact on the amount of ease and fun in your life and biz! This stage is truly about reinventing from a holistic and spiritual viewpoint - your business and life aren’t separate, so we will dive deep and integrate them according to who you are and what you want.


Phase 4: Receive

In the final phase, you will learn the absolutely essential skill of receiving, so that you can surrender to feelings of ease, feminine flow and allowing yourself to continue down the path of change, navigating the bumps without upper limiting or preventing yourself from freedom.

Yes, I want in!


Get ready for a sisterhood like you have never experienced it before. This isn’t a “let’s slay the shit out of these actions steps” type of program. No way. This is an unraveling (in the most beautiful way)...it is a soft place for you to land as you are expanding, rising into the most radiant you. I already know you are an action-taker 😉 So, be prepared to dedicate the next 12 months to more gentleness, plenty of play with your mastermind sisters and yes, bounds of realignment and forward movement. We will rise...together.


Don’t worry...there isn’t tons of homework or hours of videos for you to watch. This mastermind is designed with supplemental videos and “playsheets” to guide you through the reinvention process so that you feel supported, not overloaded. Expect to learn business, mindset, leadership and spirituality tools to carry you through your soul-expansion…but mostly, expect to come home to who you really are 🙂


Over the course of our 12 month experience, you will receive ten private 60 minute sessions with me to dive even deeper into your unique process of releasing, revealing, reinventing and receiving. Choose how you best need support on these calls - Intuitive guidance? Aligning your personal brand? Reviewing new website messaging? Need an emotional breakthrough to allow receiving? It's all fair game!


Each month, we will gather virtually for discussion coupled with 1:1 support from me to hold you in all the “feels” of the reinvention process, while cheering each other on so that you continue to rise into the Radiantpreneur you were born to be!


Join Jess and your Radiantpreneur Mastermind sisters in person! This optional weekend experience will be hosted in Northern California. We will do our best to pick a date that works for the majority of the group, once the program starts.  


Mastermind participants will have priority access to join our all-inclusive Bali retreat at a discounted investment. Retreat participants will receive a professional brand video filmed in Bali (by Jess’ sweetie, the amazing storyteller and visual artist Ben), to celebrate their reinvention process so they can reveal their radiance to the world!  

My type of Sisterhood


♡ Hone Your Intuition & Self Trust ♡

I see so many smart business women who have become disconnected from their intuition! You will learn to move from your head into trusting yourself to make decisions from your intuition - the very GPS system to fulfillment that our amazing bodies have gifted us with.

♡ Discover & Honor Your Deepest Desires ♡

Most women have trouble claiming what they truly desire. And oftentimes, as a biz babe we are beautiful visionaries, but leave ourselves out of the equation, because we want to serve (at the expense of our own needs). You will get in touch with the desires that you have pushed deep down and allow them to come to the surface to be honored, so that you can own your needs, communicate them to those in your life who need to support you, and come back to wholeness.

♡ Self Care & Spiritual Rituals ♡

Every Radiantpreneur prioritizes connection to herself and a higher power before anything else. Learn to deeply care for yourself by developing rituals for ease, flow and inspiration, so that you have the energy to bring your vision to life. These practices are magical, delicious and totally fun — they are soul fuel for reinvention and trusting the process of upleveling your life & biz.

♡ Create Your Soul-Inspired Legacy ♡

Gain clarity on your new business and life vision that is aligned with who you are now (with room for who you are becoming) and considers the fulfillment and freedom you desire, along with your other most important values, so that you finally have an inspiring goal to move towards that fully reflects your soul.

♡ Boundaries & Structures for Freedom, Fun and Flow ♡

One of the biggest blockers of freedom is a lack of boundaries. But not anymore! You will create a structure for your life and business that feels good, includes graceful guidelines that allow you to protect your time and energy, and welcomes in more space for fun and flow.

♡ Feminine Leadership Archetypes ♡

Learn the 3 signature archetypes that will allow you to feel fully expressed in your feminine leadership, so that you lean into the spectrum of your power. These archetypes will help you embody your authenticity and come alive in your business - when doing trainings, writing content, making offers, having sales conversations - these archetypes inside of you are ready to wake up and leave you feeling like a beautiful badass on the road to fulfilling your dreams.

♡ Your Radiant Personal Brand ♡

You will dive deep to free yourself from any representations that haven’t been authentic reflections of yourself. Those influences from the media, society, friends, family, lovers, mentors and yes, yourself, that may have put you in a box (and prevented your from freedom and fulfillment) will be unraveled. It’s time to come home to the true you!

We will use some of my favorite personality assessments (and a whole lotta intuition) as guides to unleashing who you really are as a woman and business owner, so that you align your branding - images, colors, energy and unique flavor - accordingly. Get ready to shine in your utmost authentic radiance on social media, videos and speaking gigs! One of my clients went all-in on this area of her life and biz and it led to a $25,000 month!

♡ Your Bold Message ♡

Juice-up the way you talk about what you do, who you serve and what you stand for in the world, so that it’s aligned with the authentic you and your new business/life vision. Move from holding back how much you shine, to truly owning your voice, your gifts and all your F’ing amazingness so that marketing feels magnetic and fun!

♡ Your Soul-Inspired Offer ♡

Create a new offer or add some oomph to your current offering - whether that is a program, how you work with 1:1 clients, a retreat or event you’ve been wanting to produce - whatever it is…you will create an offer that finally reflects and supports your bigger vision. The goal is for you to feel energized and totally in love with your offer, like a kid on Christmas morning! (versus drained or less-than stellar).

♡ Possibility & Abundance Mindset ♡

During seasons of reinvention and expansion, upper limits are especially sneaky in sabotaging possibility and abundance. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You will learn to shatter the most common upper limit fears including “Who am I to receive this much ease,” “I will end up all alone if I have this much freedom,” “My fulfillment is selfish” and “I don’t want to make others feels bad.” These are EVERYTHING. Get excited to learn the tools that will allow you to stand powerfully in your truth and keep taking bold leaps (even when you are subconsciously doubtful, nervous or scared) so you can rise as a fulfilled Radiantpreneur!



Apply! It's your time.


I’ve already learned sooooo much.

I should have figured this out already.

Maybe I just need another private mentor or system/blueprint/strategy.

I’ve had bad women’s experiences before, so I’m not sure about this.

Are the other women in this mastermind going to be at the same level as me?

I could probably learn this stuff on my own.

A year is a big commitment.  

If I surrender to more fun, fulfillment & freedom...my business won’t make money.


Our logical minds need reasons, but what if you gave yourself permission to calm that mind and decide from your feminine? All she needs is a DESIRE.

Yes, you have learned SO much, so here’s your opportunity to unlearn what doesn’t work, create space and figure out what really works for you by coming home to yourself and getting into full alignment so things flow instead of you needing to force anymore.

You only feel that you should have this all figured out already because you are hard on yourself. Listen, sweetness, even multi-millionaires (actually especially multi-millionaires) need support. Here’s your ticket to soften and let go - to stop “figuring it out” and start allowing.

You could hire another private mentor, you could learn another system/blueprint/strategy. But true evolution happens in community…in the powerful energy of a group.

And another system, blueprint and strategy won’t lead you to the fulfillment you are seeking (only diving into your desires will).

If you’ve had a bad experience with other women…you aren’t alone. So have I and so have many women. I can tell you that in my many years of leading women’s groups, retreats, workshops and events, I have never had a woman tell me it was a bad experience. In fact, I’ve had many women tell me that my group programs have changed their lives and healed their relationships with other women! Yes there were challenges sometimes (because that’s natural for us to heal with other women), but I hold a strong space for vulnerability and safety…and we always worked through it - together.

This group is carefully curated to ensure that it’s a sisterhood of women at the same level - meaning, you won’t be stuck in a group of gals who are brand new to business, spirituality or self development. It’s for biz babes who have business and life experience and are ready to dive deeper.

Sure, you could probably learn this stuff on your own (I mean, Google!)…but the question is how good would it feel to have a curated journey guiding you along, so that you don’t have to research or stress about the next steps or following through? and how isolated will it feel going through it alone?

What I’ve discovered is that especially when doing deep inner work, the most profound discoveries, clarity and healing have occurred when I’ve been part of groups who inspire me and provide the space for me to unravel and discover my greatness. It’s really hard to see our own shadows, let alone our own radiance…in this program, you will have a sisterhood supporting you to rise! 

Oh, and we've been programed as women to believe that slowing down and operating from our deepest desires will sabotage our success in business, when in fact, the most happy women entrepreneurs (including myself!) have learned the opposite -- surrendering to flow & ease is THE secret to the ultimate freedom + fulfillment -- and oftentimes more money!

This program isn’t like any other experience out there.

It’s for women like you who want time and space to allow the process of self and business to emerge and integrate over the course of 12 months, instead of falling back into another 3 month program that leaves you feeling like a painter who only completed the outlines…never finishing your masterpiece.

Trust yourself.

You were guided here for a reason…your highest, most radiant YOU is calling and you deserve the freedom and fulfillment to allow her to emerge!

I'm ready to trust

After working with Jessica, I have come so far.  I started my first group program with six amazing women and I increased my visibility by 300%!

I have Jessica to thank for her continuous encouragement and patience with my very slow process. She always saw the power in me when I couldn't and reminded me of who I'm here to be and the message I have to share with women. She helped me push my edges in a way that stretched me but never pushed me too far—in a way that was empowering. I was thrilled to learn that we shared a spiritual side that has opened me up to incorporate more of my spirituality in my own business. The women that work with me say how much they appreciate my authenticity. Knowing that my true self is shining through in my business fills my heart up with so much joy.

~ Shannon Rey, Career Empowerment Coach, Shannon-Rey.com

I had the best month financially EVER! My income was 4 times my best month last year!

Jess was a careful listener and her support helped me to find out exactly what I needed and really focused on what my business needed. When I told her that I was particularly worried about accountability, she assured me that that was her specialty and it was true. She held me accountable for actions in a very loving way and it really made the difference for me.

Thank you Jess!

~ Jennifer Mason L.Ac, Owner of Vitamin Chi Acupuncture and Wellness, vitamin-chi.com

It feels incredible to have all my online presence aligned and cohesive.

Before I worked with Jess, I was feeling incredibly intimidated about being visible online. I felt that I would be bothering people who were friends of mine on Facebook and that I had no idea how to communicate what I wanted to say in an authentic way online. The idea of doing a FB Live was physically painful! I was overwhelmed with how to make my online presence feel cohesive and impactful.

Since working with Jess, I feel way more confident about marketing and visibility online! I have no problem with doing a FB Live anymore. It doesn’t even scare me! I was able to get nearly limitless ideas from Jess on how to engage my people in a way that felt right to me.

Working with her initiated a brand name change that synced across all my online platforms. Her support was invaluable and very practical in getting me past my marketing/visibility blocks and just going for it!

~ Chani Jacobson, Power Couple Coach, ChaniJacobson.com

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me! You have literally changed my life.

I was one of those women that thought I should be able to do it all and let the problems of everyone around me. Through your program, I have regained the best parts and learned how to handle everything in my life while staying true to who I am! I love you for all your support and helping dig out the perfect me that I had hid so deep!



Jess was able to help me come from a place that truly resonates with who I am and who I am speaking to. I am excited to continue our work and see the continued growth.

Jess truly knows her stuff and has a beautiful, nonjudgmental way of helping you cut through all of your own crap and get out of your own way. She is a Badass Business Woman who can help you take your marketing and branding to whole new level as well as a very intuitive coach who can help you immensely by working through mindset issues as well.

If you are considering investing in yourself and your business, work with her, don’t hesitate. You definitely won’t regret it!

~ Courtney Brown, Post Divorce Life Coach, CourtneyBrownCoaching.com

Working with Jessica was a dream. She is such a strong and loving presence that I always felt her there by me side when I was getting my stuff done, especially that harder stuff.

When I started with Jessica I had some ideas of where I wanted to go. I definitely needed lots of fresh ideas and fresh energy and Jessica had those in abundance. She gave me suggestions and strategies that I would never have thought of on my own. I always knew that when she paused, looked up into the sky, thought for a moment that she would come back with some great new idea.

She's so encouraging and amazingly supportive and warm-hearted, and she never ever wavered in her commitment to me and my work...even when I did!

Since working with her I have started a group workshop that I'd been struggling to get going for so long.  Eventually I probably could have gotten the workshop off the ground, but with Jessica's unending support and great suggestions and knowing that she was there rooting for me, it happened so much quicker that if I had done it on my own. Jessica is a treasure.

~ Carol Davis, Empowerment Coach for Pre-Teen Girls, launchpadcoaching.com

Even with all the junk I was trying to process, this experience brought me clarity, peace and comfort.

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to gain from the experience, but something told me to just do it. I knew that if it was something that Jess was doing, nothing but great things would come from it. The timing was perfect, as I was in the process of some major transitions in my life. However, with so much happening, I really had no idea what to tackle first. I was able to wrap up in my cocoon, let it happen, and bust out and fly! While I thought I had already broken out of my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly in the past, I have done it again. This time, Jess helped me to become the big, bright, blingy, beautiful butterfly that I was trying to be all along.

~ Brittany Williams, Speaker, Model, Trainer, Former Miss United States & Creator of B.FabYOUlous

Plus, hear directly from Lucia about her experience (and amazing results!) aligning who she is with her message and stepping more into visibility...

Lucia Pavone, Pleasure Instigator, LusciousLoveLife.us

I never thought – being the strong woman that I am – that someone (Jess) could lead me through some of my broken pieces in such a way that I felt truly healed.  It was just miraculous. ~ Brooke

I was barely hanging on by a thread…I was able to shed the negative self talk, my anxiety, my stresses, my worries…and just be able to be present…and to really grow and embrace who I’m really meant to be in the world. ~ Jennifer

Jess has a warm, calming and friendly personality. Paired with her gentle and loving tone I felt instantly ‘cared for’. I felt like we dug right in and worked on everything I needed to release to move forward with an even better version of myself. ~ Jasmine

Just what the Divine Dr. ordered. When I signed up for Jess’ program I didn’t know exactly what to expect. All I knew was I loved Jess’ energy and admired her work. So when she offered a support system to help me push through some of my false limitations, I was on board. It was so great to be able to completely express myself to someone who was all ears. Jessica was never afraid to relate. She gave me the hard truth when needed and the loving praise and acknowledgement I often wasn’t able to give myself or for that matter didn’t see it as a big deal in the first place. She showed me that even the ‘littlest’ growth deserved BIG applause. ~ Jamie

I was in the beginning of making some very important decisions and, in retrospect, it’s amazing how much clearer I am now than I was when we started. Having Jess to help me focus on my goals was very helpful. I was so scattered and all over the place, and Jess was able to summarize for me what my goals were. That really set the stage for some intense work together. What a great opportunity for me to get clear and move forward with grace and ease. If you are a little confused about how you might use this program, don’t worry, working with Jess will help you get clear… and it’s so much fun to witness as you make your own transformation. ~ Nancy


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  • q-iconWill I receive 1:1 mentorship?

    Yes. Each woman receives 10 private 60 minute sessions held via Zoom with Jess over the course of the experience, in addition to dedicated time to ask questions and receive support during each live group call. This isn’t a program where you can hide 🙂 Even if you aren’t feeling like you need anything, you will still have a chance to be heard. This is one of the reasons this program is kept intimate, so there is plenty of space for each woman to have attention on her.

  • q-iconWhen does the program start?

    I run regular groups so apply when you feel the nudge that you need/desire support.

  • q-iconWho is this program for?

    This experience is for women entrepreneurs who have learned all the basics of business and have experienced some level of success, and are craving more freedom and fulfillment. This is a sisterhood of women who know that business is a spiritual path. They are willing to go deep, discover who they really are and apply these discoveries to their business.

  • q-iconWho would NOT be a fit for this program?

    This experience is not for women who are brand new to business or spiritual/personal development work. It’s not for someone who is looking for a magic bullet solution or system/strategy that allows them to mindlessly go through a formula to solve their problems.

  • q-iconHow is this program delivered?

    This program is a combination of short, pre-recorded videos and PDFs that you can dive into on your own, live virtual group calls over Zoom, 10 private 1:1 calls with Jess and an optional in-person weekend gathering. All of this is spaced out over the course of 12 months in a spacious timeline.

  • q-iconHow do I know this is right for me?

    First of all, if you have read what is on this page and just 1 thing resonated, this is more than likely for you! Secondly, you are ready to do deep into inner work (because you love transformation). To learn how to come into alignment with who you are, what you really want and make the business + personal adjustments to receive it. Oh, and you love to have fun! 

  • q-iconDo I have time to do this?

    If you don’t feel like you have the time, you need this program the most. This program supports you in creating space in your life and business, so that you can get off the hamster wheel of pleasing everyone but yourself. With that said…don’t worry. This isn’t another program where there is TONS of work and you leave feeling more overwhelmed than when you started. We have 12 months of practicing the art of surrendering into ease and flow. The lessons are short and the 3 calls per month with be around 90 minutes each.

  • q-iconWhat makes this program different?

    This isn’t your typical program with tons of new learning and strategies and “hustle to get shit done.” It’s the first program of its kind for more advanced women entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between spirituality, self-development and business. This is an experience for you to practice getting in touch with your desires, surrendering to a feminine way of being in the world and in your business. We are dedicated to connection, authenticity, vulnerability and bringing out your most radiant self possible!

  • q-iconIf you have more questions…

    Please apply for the program if you feel like this experience is for you, but have other questions that you would like answered. There is a space on the application where you can let us know anything you think we should know – just put your Q in that box (it’s the last space). If you would prefer to email, send your question to jessica@jessicatomlinson.com.

Dearest Boss Babe ~

One final note for ya. Short & sweet.

Thank you for being here. For doing the work. This stage of business and life can be challenging…but it can also be inspiring, exciting and full of fulfillment and freedom. 

Don’t go at it alone, sister.

I’m here for you. Your soul tribe is here for you.

The journey awaits…all you have to do is say “yes!”

Let’s rise into radiance…together!

XO Jess