maybe he had a foot fetish?

Just wanted to pop into your email inbox to share a self care tip that is a bedtime ritual of mine, only takes 30 seconds (or less!) and will help you sleep like a beautiful princess (without the pesky pea 😉

I was reminded of this self care ritual of mine when I was at the spa on Sunday.

My massage therapist, a burly looking fellow from South Africa, was going about his business doing pressure points on my body (shiatsu massage to help release tension and toxins), when he made this comment:

“You have really nice feet.  I don’t see that in Vegas.”

At the time, it was slightly flattering, slightly foot-fetish-creepy-esque.

But what his comment reminded me of is the massive benefits to my simple self care ritual at bedtime – a luxurious foot massage.

Here’s how I do a Self Care Foot Massage:

1.  Put a small pool of almond oil in my hand (you can keep this by your bedstand so you don’t forget about this ritual!)

2.  Add a few drops of essential oil.  Lately I’ve been using clove, which is great for calming the nervous system AND activating Radiance (aka sexy-time oil 😉 You can use any essential oil you like – for people wanting a versatile essential oil, I recommend lavender.

3. Rub each on of my feet with the almond oil/essential oil mixture with great care and love.  I pretend like I’m my own massage therapist, rubbing the points on my feet that feel sore and need it most.

Note: Next to the gums, our feet are the highest absorption point on our body.  They are a connection point for our entire nervous system, so take care of them and they will return the favor!

Wasn’t that easy? Now it’s your turn…let me know how it goes!

To Your Radiance,

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