my beef with woo woo (video I’ve been nervous to share!)

As I get ready to share information on how you can “Shed the Shoulds” in tomorrow’s webinar, I thought I’d share something that I’ve been telling myself I shouldn’t share (gulp).

See, in the spiritual/self-help/coaching community (which I am a part of), there is a lot of use of a particular phrase that just drives me NUTS.

That phrase is “woo woo.”
Have you heard of it?

Now, before you think I’m a bit crazy, hear me out.

I don’t despise this phrase because of how it sounds, or even the practice, but the deeper meaning…what it implies about our pleasure as women.

Woo woo is ruining our self care. 

I made you a video to share why – you can watch it here!

my beef with woo woo

It’s up to us to change the way we talk about our pleasure. This is how real change happens and we can’t do it alone!

I hope you’ll hear me out by taking a few short minutes to watch the video: My beef with woo woo.

Then, I would love to know your honest thoughts around this subject in the YouTube comments!

To Your Radiance,


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