my plane story – I just booked a flight..see where I’m going!

One of the girls on my team at work kept telling me I was “crazy” yesterday.

I just giggled.  Yep, I probably am.

See, what she was baffled about was my last minute booking of a flight to Miami. I’m leaving TODAY 🙂

And, it’s all because I deeply trust my intuition.
She (my intuition) was SCREAMING at me to book a flight to go see Harnaik while he’s there for work.

So….I did.
No questions asked.
I canceled all my plans in Vegas.
Bliss Trip, here I come!

Pretty serendipitous considering I’m leading my webinar on how you can take multiple Bliss Trips tomorrow!

With all this travel/vacation/Bliss Trip talk lately, I feel like it is finally time to reveal another one of my “stories” to give you some insight on why travel = Radiant Self Care.

Some people have a birth story.
I have a plane story.

It goes like this…


Once upon a time, when I was a tiny little baby, I had my first plane ride.

My dad – being the adventurous type – had his own plane at that time, so he was the first pilot I ever had, lifting me from the earth, into the ethereal sky.

Mom, dad and baby (me) piled into the prop plane (you know those tiny ones that people freak out on because you can feel every drift of outside air!) and began our journey from Washington to Oregon.

But just as all birth stories seem to have a few twists and turns, my plane story does too.

A storm hit.  Interrupting our smooth journey. So my dad landed the plane and we all slept in the plane overnight, awaiting the storm to pass so we could continue on to our destination.

Apparently through all of this, I slept like….well, a baby.

Sooooo as you can see, I probably should HATE flying. LOL. But I don’t…quite the opposite.

You see, flying, and travel in general represent something that ALL humans want. 

Something that we yearn for in this life.
Something that I hear repeatedly from each and every woman I connect with on the phone about Bali.
That one thing is:


Perhaps it’s a psychological mind-F*ck, but when I’m in the air at 30,000 feet, I feel high.


As I gaze out the tiny aircraft window, I’m in awe of the vast creation of our land.

The different terrain textures.  The colors of the sky, as they rapidly change zipping from various time zones at warp speed.

Literally, as I travel to another place…or another country…it’s as if I’m entering another realm.

A realm of possibility.

Away from it all.
From the expectations of my everyday life.
Away from the people who “know” me.

I. Am. FREE.

To be me.

See, when we take ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Our everyday familiarities.  We are gently guided to look at our life with fresh eyes. 

New surroundings.
New people.
New experiences.

They all open us up to a life of possibilities.
A life of what could be.
And this, is freakin’ INSPIRING to say the least.

Whenever I travel I feel renewed.  Like a new baby chick, freshly hatched, awaiting what the world will provide me next. Basking in opportunity.

I am transformed.

What does travel feel like to YOU?


It is my deep desire to support you in bringing that feeling to life (whatever that feeling is for you).  Through showing you how travel is a vehicle to nourish your self care. Your hopes.  Your dreams.  So that you too, no matter how “impossible” or “expensive” you feel travel is, can take multiple Bliss Trips and feel your own version of FREEDOM…frequently.

Join me TOMORROW as I share all of this on my webinar,

“How I Took 4 Bliss Trips in 1 Year…while working a full-time job & starting a biz (and how you can too!)”  


Can’t make it tomorrow? That’s okay.  Make sure to register anyway so I can send you the video replay 🙂
To Your Radiance (and freedom),
jess e-sig


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